David Feng: At Home Anywhere in the World

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The world is where I belong. (Sounds better than “the world is your oyster”, don’t you think?) I’ve been to over 250 cities in 24 countries and territories, and the mile-o-meter doesn’t really stop at any time.

I’m a global citizen. With over a million kilometres of international travel, twelve years in international school, and understanding of five languages (with knowledge of a further five), I’m “good to go” for much of the planet.

Generation Earthling

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On 01 September 2015, I started blogging about a new concept I came up with — Generation Earthling. The new concept I came up with is closely related with “all of us” on Planet Earth and concludes: we’re all in this together.

The new site does not exist to get people worried about when our planet will die — it is more here to tell people that other, and better, ways to live, really do exist. The name is more a statement that we’re all in this together, from a newborn to a centenarian, from the average goldfish to the giant redwoods out there.


Just merely knowing upwards of ten languages isn’t enough if you can’t “mix and match” one and the other — and translate between them! I have translated documentaries, conferences, documents, signage, books, and articles, between the languages of English, Chinese, German, and French. I am also deeply involved in authoring a new set of recommended bilingual (Chinese and English) standards for the Chinese railway system.

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