Speaking at MACitizen Hong Kong

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Speaking at MACitizen Hong Kong

I arrived in Hong Kong on August 2, 2006 to the tune of torrential downpours — so much I was informed we weren’t too sure if a typhoon warning would delay the planned meeting of the Hong Kong MACitizen user group the next day. Thankfully, the typhoon alert remained where it was — at a lower alert level — thus permitting the meeting to go ahead. I met some of Hong Kong’s more Mac people, including people involved with Macs at the university and people who ran Mac support companies.

I gave a presentation on the situation of the Mac north of Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau — that is, on the mainland. As many are aware, the situation has improved lately, with more visible Apple ads popping up over Beijing and more user groups paying attention and lending support. Apple still does not, however, have an Apple Store anywhere in the Greater China area — be it the mainland or Hong Kong, or even on Taiwan. As a result we feel rather “under-represented” by Steve.

The talk was well-received — and I gave away copies of a Mac book I recently proofread. I had wanted to give this talk in English, but incredibly enough, the locals mastered Mandarin Chinese quite well!

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