A Year of Next Station: China…

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A Year of Next Station: China…

This time a year ago, I left on Train G1 to Nanjing South and Hefei South. A year later, I’m in front of a microphone — not on a train — though at times both have happened at the same time…

The people at Radio Beijing timed the live show to happen exactly a year after the documentary started. We’re far from done… But it has shown me China beyond any dimension imaginable.

Pretty much wherever I’ve set up my camera and microphone — wired or wireless — I’ve been an item of curiosity. I’ve been identified by a member of the public once — at Wuxi Railway Station — but otherwise they’re rather low-key. There’s a reason I keep it like that — to uncover the station as-is, without anything extra (without any extras, in fact).

Live on Radio Beijing: Of Trains and Stations!

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Live on Radio Beijing: Of Trains and Stations!

It’s been a very, very long time since I’ve stepped back into that live studio at Radio Beijing (as in the English-language services)… The show was Touch Beijing, a live show mostly in English, but with a fair bit of spoken Mandarin Chinese as well. I came in around 25 minutes past the hour (17:25 or so), for my 20-ish minutes of fame (or so). The rail documentary I was doing, Next Station: China, took, of course, centre stage.

Up to this point, I had “sped up” going to stations — I literally just returned yesterday from Shidu Railway Station, Station 51 right by the mountains in southwestern Beijing. The past 50 journeys have seen me around much of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, He’nan, and Shandong, but also as far south as Hu’nan! Were there a few of my favourites already? Absolutely. Old Regular Rail stations made up for the bulk of unexpected discoveries.

David and Tracy to talk Trains and Chinglish on 08 April 2012

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I will be appearing with wife Tracy on Sunday, 08 April 2012, from 18:00 through to 20:00 (Beijing time) on Top FM 101.8 on China National Radio (CNR). We’ll be talking about trains and Chinglish!

For the full two hours (which is quite a bit when you think about it), our live show will go through the amazing stories of my 120,000+ km of train travel, 2,200+ Chinglish shots, as well as my travels in nearly 20 countries and territories. I’ll also do a bit of “multilingualism” over the airwaves.

You can listen in online on at Top FM 101.8 — either in Beijing at FM 101.8 or over the online airwaves.

David’s On Radio Beijing Live on 20 July 2011!

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I’ll be on Radio Beijing’s well-known Music Radio tonight (21:00-22:00 Beijing time), 20 July 2011, talking about multilingualism, English in China, and this insanely fun Chinglish phenomenon. I knew that I had to stay in the business of — well, finding and rooting out Chinglish, when I went to the bank and they asked me for my Sex of Gender.

Yes, exactly.

(Male, in all cases.)

I’m also going to be, as they say in perfect, excellent Chinglish, make big the propaganda about my latest Chinglish concoction — Jiong Chinglish (囧图就在你身边: 雷人 Chinglish), my April 2011 debut work. I might be able to sneak in on some of my latest findings. I’ll leave you with one of these now:

(Temporary Bus Stop)

2008: A Look Back — Big David Feng Things

When seven Mac revolutionaries started this thing called the Beijing Macintosh User Group about six years ago, one of the first thing we were dying for: an Apple Store. The US was getting them by the boatload, and one of those stores hit home pretty close — in Japan, that is.

This thing called the East China Sea was all that separated the People’s Republic from an Apple Store. (And, of course, Supreme Command it seemed — from 1 Infinite Loop.)

Back in the day, an Apple Store seemed a remote paradise. Then came the iPod. The iPhone. The whole Mac-shebang. BootCamp. YouNameIt.

Suddenly, the Mac became “something”.

It became a very big “something” on July 19, 2008, when the Apple Store was about to open in Sanlitun. Oh my God. The crowds. The overnight waiting. I was number six, but that meant nothing not being number one. What made the whole thing really worthwhile was not the mass tweeting, but to be part of Beijing Mac history with the Mac community.

On Air 20:00 Nov 29, 2008: Weird Eatables & Co

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I hope this edition of Travel Bar — What A World, which was co-hosted once again with Juanzi, doesn’t land us in editorial trouble (or end you up in the loo after you’ve “savored” our odd collection of eatables). We’ve come out with some of the craziest snacks, food, and “eateries” all around on the surface of our planet.

I surfed around the Web on these three cheat sheets and immediately self-censored the following as food we would not, come hell or high water, feature on the program:

  • Monkey Toes (doesn’t sound good over the mic)
  • Squirrel Brain (I love squirrels; do nothin’ to ‘em!)
  • Calf’s Head (un-Swiss)
  • Pork Brains (sick-o!)

OK, so now that we’ve told you what you won’t hear… it’s time to get ready for your arrival in the land of Square Watermelons, Wasabi Choc Blocks, and more.

Talking About Beijing on Net FM August 6, 2008

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I’ll be on the air again at Net FM (netfm.com.cn, AM 774) from 20:00 through 21:00 on Wednesday, August 6, 2008 and will be on all about Beijing.

This show sees me as both a Beijinger and a Laowai, for I’m a Beijing-born resident with a Swiss passport. The show will see a mix of views both local and international, and will see me talk about discovering Beijing, Beijing in the mix, Beijing A to B (although not the website itself!), Beijing beauties (especially the gorgeous scenery), and a lot more. The Olympics — oh yes, that, too, will be part of the show!

David’s Thursday Evening Beijing Radio Blog Up

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Another blog to call mine for the moment.

I’ve started a bilingual (English and Chinese) blog at Radio Beijing, where I’ll throw in a few pics about topics I’ll talk about. And I’ll update it when the spirit moves me (in other words, as soon as humanly possible).

Technically speaking, the site’s in China, so for those of you outside the mainland access to the site can get a tad on the slow side. (Ask the techies for the 101 on why this is the case.) However, I’ll still be able to feed this whole thing via my Twitterfeed — just subscribe to David Feng on Twitter (twitter.com/DavidFeng), and you should be able to get all updates.

Please note that the link as mentioned in this article was not included as content was unobtainable or has expired.

Live in Two Languages: January 3, 2008

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January 3, 2008. A live travel show on the air. Hey, it couldn’t get any better — what a way to kick off the new year!

It was brilliant… I finally got the “kind of semi-job” or “add-this-to-my-other-gigs job” I was looking for: being a regular guest on a travel program on Radio Beijing. The host: Jane (or Juanzi) Chen, one of the very people I used to work with during my Radio Beijing internship. I corrected scripts and did voiceovers back in summer 2006 (did you catch me over the airwaves then?).

The task: share your thoughts on a few “odd stories about highways”, then introduce yourself. Fill up the airwaves for a full hour.

Two Messages

1. I am honoured to become a host at the radio station of the University of International Business and Economics. I will host the news every alternate Friday, and the “PopOnLine” programme every other Wednesday. Both will be hosted in UK English. I’d like to thank all my friends for their support, and I’d also like to thank all those who have made this possible at the university.

2. Have an iTrip, but can’t listen to music? Make sure you set your volume at around 50% when changing radio stations.