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As much as possible, please ensure the content of your talk request is relevant to trains. It is best if this deals with the railway network (especially High Speed) in China.

I love to speak in front of audiences — big and small. When booking me, please understand and respect the following terms and conditions:

  • I operate independently — in China (including Hong Kong and Macao SARs; but not Taiwan province; and also excluding expat markets) and overseas Chinese communities, my agent is Tracy Liu, and elsewhere, I can be contacted directly. To ensure quality control, and to lower costs for you, I will remain independent in operations — thus avoiding any compromise in quality or hidden costs that might come with a speaker bureau.
  • Please “order” me at least 14 days ahead — so if you want me speaking on 15 March, please request this by 01 March. For international travel outside of China / the Schengen Area, the order must be in no later than 28 days ahead. (These include weekends and national holidays.) Sometimes I need to finalise matters with other parties first, so a decision will need at least 14 days. Note: Days are to be counted as Monday-Sunday, except 29 December – noon of 02 January (of the next year).
  • Please respect the independence of my talk’s contents — I try to remain neutral and to-the-point, so it is personal policy not to speak overtly in support of, or against, political and / or religious causes. My talk will steer clear of military / national security topics as much as possible. I also ensure academic content will be, as much as possible, free of “grossly commercial” content. Please note that I will take a thorough look at your request and organisation — and I’m sorry, but if you promote illegal, obscene, or hateful agendas, I’ll have to turn you down.
  • You cannot place a booking request if you are a political or religious organisation. This applies to all countries around the world.

Where “China” is mentioned, this also includes “Greater China” parts outside the mainland — Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Please also note, in the interest of your privacy, that your request may be shared with my personal assistant and be stored on a backup address for correspondence, especially sent messages.


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I generally travel with my own MacBook Pro (or on occasion, MacBook). I will also travel with a Thunderbolt to VGA adapter, so if your system runs on VGA, we’re in essence all set (all you need to do is to provide the connecting cable from the projector to the computer). I will also use my own “clicker” device (and I’ll always carry an extra, backup battery).

I will travel with the entirety of my setup ready — system software, application (and presentation) software, images, fonts, and multimedia all ready in the machine. I expect to use my machine directly for the talk.

Important | I would much prefer to use my system whenever possible — for the simple reason that it’s really plug-and-play. However, in the rare occasion where I have to use an alternative system, please tell me your setup so that I can prepare any temporary extras for your system. If you are using any operating system other than Mac OS X (I run macOS X 10.12), you must give notice no later than 48 hours before I am scheduled to talk, so I can be sure a PC-ready version is available.

I do have a pretty strong voice, but I prefer to use amplification aids whenever possible (they say it’s always a good idea to be extra protective of your throat!). As I prefer to speak without a lectern, I prefer either a wireless microphone (or one with a very long cord), or a clip-on / lavalier mic (I’m not too comfortable with wearable mics you have to put on your ear, but will try if there are no alternatives).

I will intentionally arrive early to make sure that any and all systems are fully working.


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Quality does come with a price tag — but hopefully one that surprises you in being affordable! Speak to me early; I can regularly offer “early bird” discounts.

As part of my personal commitments, the following organisations benefit from free presentations that I am to give:

  • any education institution where I’ve been enrolled in for more than 6 months (inclusive) as an official student — note for the Communication University of China, this only applies to the School of Presenting and Anchoring, as well as the Institute of Communication Studies
  • rail and city metro organisations in Greater China and Switzerland and all organisations and companies under its administration (the same terms also apply for Liechtenstein)
  • any other organisation to which free presentation agreements exist, or that are regarded as where the free policy may apply

Please note that you might have to pre-pay, especially if you are based outside of Europe or China. However, I stick to my word: if I am unable to make it, I’ll refund you in full.


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I will take care of my own transportation fees if this is within the cities of Beijing, Tianjin, Zürich, or London; for other destinations, I will be happy if you can provide lodging (at a 4 star hotel, or better) and payment for the for a trip (round-trip) made in:

  • Soft Seat or Lower Berth, Soft Sleeper, for Regular Rail in China;
  • 2nd (Standard) Class Seat elsewhere, including on CR/CRH trains in China;
  • Economy Class for flights

When I’m in Beijing, I can process your application much faster if you are based within the Beijing, Shijiazhuang, or Tianjin city subway / metro networks, or are located less than (or including) 60 minutes away from a Beijing terminus station (by fastest train service, HSR only).

I’m green — I generally will not fly if there is an HSR connection within 1,000 km of where I am. I do not fly if you are based in the mainland of China.

Flight information: Airline companies I will consider are: Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon, SWISS, British Airways, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, and Air Canada.

Personal Assistant
A designated assistant (of Chinese nationality) must be able to accompany me on trips (there is no need to pay for this person), so that emergencies, including sudden illness can be taken care of, and that no alien funds need to be used. This must be taken into consideration unless otherwise stated.

International Travel
I work in three zones: China, Europe, and Rest of the World. Please tell me if you intend to ask me to come to a different zone (eg: from London to New York), as either I myself, or my assistant, or both, will need to apply for visas.

You are advised to apply at least 180 days ahead of time if you are based in the United States, or a US territory.


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