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David is at his best when talking about one of his speaking topics with expertise.
Priority given to talks which are rail-centric, especially if this deals with the railways of China, and especially High Speed Rail.

Please follow these quick instructions so that David can speak to your audience; this is to ensure you have a confirmed date as quickly as possible.

1. Send your request, ideally with a few dates proposed.
Please note that David is currently based in Beijing, China.

2. You will get a list of available slots sent back to you by email.
This should happen quickly. You will in general not have to wait over 24 hours for this. During the daytime (China Standard Time; UTC+8), a response should take 2-3 hours or less. He will also give you a quote (valid for 10 days), unless you qualify for a free talk. (Please note that he can speak to you for reduced or waived fees only in exceptional circumstances; email David beforehand to see if this possible.)
This and all other relevant items are sent to you by email. This email is known as your First Talk Email.
Please note that David is unable to entertain requests which require a physical presence in Taiwan, China. You may not book David if you are a political or religious organisation.

3. Provided you are happy with the First Talk Email, book your slot.
He will give you a reply on this within 24 hours.

4. Provide additional information if required.

5. Get your final decision. If successful, arrange for the event to take place.
You may have to wait upwards of 48 hours (up to 96 hours for complex matters) for a decision to be made after David emails you to confirm your request has been received. You will get this either after providing essential information (and provided your request is straightforward) or after providing additional information (where this is required).


DF Speaking Book Schedules 1000x200

Please book David as early as possible.

You can book him now for the following dates:

  • Beijing: Priority availability — Anytime through to and including 31 August 2018.
  • Other times and locations — Make your request early to avoid disappointment

On occasion, there might be slight exceptions to the rule, so always have more than one date in mind when booking David.

For other dates, especially dates further in the distance, remember to book early, so that David is able to make arrangements where possible.


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Review important information first
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