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I’ve spoken about rail travel in and around China, tech, media, world culture, and urbanisation in China, to audiences in many cities and countries around the world.

I love sharing stories and to make the talk lively. My aim is to clue people in on how the topic I’m on about affects them, and how to best make sense of it. Lively, relevant information informs you — it’s never boring when I’m onstage!

Public Speaking Updates

Please book me early. As I have a rather busy schedule at times, please book me well ahead of time to ensure I can speak to your audience.

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I’m familiar with a number of topics, especially if they concern China. Here’s just a quick list of some of my best topics. See all »


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I’ve been blogging since 2005, on social media since 2007, and my MA and PhD were all about media in China. This is also what I do as a “day job”. I’ve also extensive real-life experience on the air, on radio since 2004.


DF Speaking China Cities Infrastructure T

I am especially well versed on the topic of Chinese high speed rail, but as I’m always on the go in China, I’m also well-informed about infrastructure in general, as well as urbanisation, particularly around Beijing and northern China.


DF Speaking Beijing T

I’ve lived in Beijing for over 20 years in total, so I have to be familiar with the city. During the 2008 Summer Olympics, I was tasked with introducing visiting dignitaries at the Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall to our city.


DF Speaking Languages T

These include both the topic of Chinglish in China, as well as general multilingualism.


DF Speaking Multiculturalism T

I’ve been to over 250 cities in 24 countries and territories. I can offer a critical view on multilingualism in the contemporary era.


DF Speaking Overseas T

I can also share tips and tricks on going abroad and staying in a what appears to be first a “foreign” culture.

Why David Feng?

Maybe you want someone who…

  • is interested, enthusiastic, and is happy to interact with audiences the world over
  • is well-travelled, well-read, willing to learn, and appreciates a lively conversation
  • is knowledgeable in China-related topics (especially media, tech, languages, and travel)
  • has spoken at TEDx, the LSE and the British Academy, the London Book Fair, and industry shows such as Macworld
  • has spoken to audiences in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Australia in many languages

…to inform and inspire?…

If so, please book David for the next talk.

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Speaking Experience

I’ve a lot of experience speaking to the audience — I’m in fact quite happy with crowds — from dozens to thousands, or even more. (Of course, for best results, remember it’s always — the bigger, the better!)

I’ve spoken at universities, TEDx and Ignite events, via Skype, at conferences and trade events. My first go was in late 1996 in Switzerland.

I speak on a broad variety of topics — from tech and social media to languages and HSR — in China, Europe and across the planet. I’m best in English, but will also happily take up the challenge in other languages.

See More Topics

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Here are some of the more recent events I’ve spoken at:

LSE (LSESU China Dev Society) – 04 Feb 2015
University of Westminster (China Media Centre) – 05 Nov 2014
Beijing Chaoyang District Government – 15 Jul 2014
Beijing Foreign Languages Festival – 17-18 May 2014

See All Previous Talks

TEDx and Ignite

DF TEDxGuangzhou

In late 2009 I was invited to speak at TEDx in Guangzhou, China. My talk about The Twitter Story was a reflection of how your image and the way you talk to others changed with the arrival of the social media. This was a big talk in front of an audience of 600. It was so good that one of the organisers invited me to emcee the show again in September 2010.

TEDx pictures — Photographer: Cecilia Lee

Speaking Principles

There are a few principles I stick by to make sure my talk both “makes sense” — and keeps you awake and interested!

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Key principles

I like to make all talks informative, relaxed, entertaining, and easy to understand.
My goal is to add content and knowledge, so when you head back home, you actually felt the talk was worthwhile and helped you.
I make very extensive use of visual aids (such as pictures and charts), so to help you “digest” information better.
The talk should be relevant to you — I would be all too happy to customise a talk for you.

Other personal principles…

Instead of fixed lecterns, I’d much more prefer a wireless or lavalier microphone, so I’m “freed”.
A condensed summary is available from each talk — enjoy the talk, and forget the note-taking!
I go by any time restraints. I know your time is valuable.
I bring my gear at all times. (I’ve been a Mac user since 1991.)
I love interaction. Where needed I’ll add a preferred #hashtag on Twitter.
Unless otherwise noted, all talks I give will permit the use of camera phones.

Previous Presentations

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Some pictures — Photographer: Liang Bo

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Travel Information


I’m currently based in London. I can cover all travel for Zones 1-5 and is happy to talk to people located 60 minutes away (by the fastest train service) from a London terminus. For other destinations, ensure you get in touch with me first.
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I often travel with a personal assistant who will take care of much of my “logistical business”. This person is also a licenced medical practitioner for me.
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I use a MacBook Pro. All software, hardware, and fonts are provided by me. Usually, I carry a VGA adapter. I also carry a “clicker” along. You will only need to provide a connection cable, and for larger audiences, ideally a handheld, wireless microphone, or a clip-on mic.
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