Welcome to www.davidfeng.com, the official Web presence of David Feng.

To make your visit on this site as problem-free as possible, the following site policies have been presented to you in a format which is as clear to understand as possible. They apply to both the main site.

What This Site Is

This is the official website of David Feng. It is private property and is directly managed by the Family of David Feng.

This is a personal Internet presence. It is not and will never be run as a for-profit or commercial presence in any form.

Information about Content Posted Before July 2011

To better serve an interested audience, this site is making contents of previous David Feng presences and key content available which were online from September 1996 through to June 2011, when the current site opened.

Because some content (such as those regarding previous involvements, etc) may have been regrouped, renamed, merged, or cancelled), posts which were first posted on or before 01 July 2011 may be posted with annotations. These will be in a collapsible box titled Archived / Retroactive Post, and begin with the note: The contents of this post was first posted before July 2011. The following contents are no longer valid or have changed:, followed by a description. They will also be indicated with descriptive text at the start of the article and be updated to the latest content appearance standards.

Furthermore, please note that content initially posted before July 2011 may use spelling or date / time formats which are different to those in use presently:

  • generally UK spelling (-ise)
  • date-month-year format (eg 29 December 1996; or 29 Dec 1996 for short)
  • the 24 hour clock using colons (eg 20:15)

The above standards have been used for posts initially posted as of 01 December 2012 and have been retroactively applied on posts first made public on July 2011.

Also, the following blogs (now all merged into the present davidfeng.com domain) were also part of David Feng’s personal blog system:

  • 140 and Counting, previously at 140andcounting.com
  • David Feng’s Mac Blog, mostly a reserved site at davidfengsmacblog.com
  • Raccolta Online, previously at raccoltaonline.com (2005-2009)

Content Independent

Content on this site represents the independent views of David Feng. It will never represent any organisation he works for in any capacity.

The presence or absence of an alien service mark, trademark, or brand, registered or not, is not intended to imply or indicate support, opposition, or endorsement of any alien entity.

There is no endorsement of any persons alien to the family of David Feng that is mentioned in any way on this site, unless such endorsement is clearly stated.

The independence of this website is of supreme importance. No adverts or sponsorships by an alien individual, organisation, or other entity, commercial or otherwise, will be permitted.

It is a mission of this website to accurately reflect all events as they have occurred. To this end, requests that are counter to this mission may not be honoured.

All pictures used on this site are for personal, referential, non-commercial, and non-promotional uses only. Commercial usage has never been intended and will be not be permitted to any third party, except for those in the downloadable Media Pack labelled as such.

Your Rights

  • Access rights. Provided your access of this site does not break any laws, you may access this website provided your access does not impose an unreasonable load on the servers of this site.
  • Use of comment and feedback forms. Any content submitted through these forms must not break applicable law.
  • Sharing of pages and posts. In sharing any content, you must possess lawful access to the third-party network(s) concerned. Sharing does not permit you to copy in full any content on this site where you lack this permission at the time you first intended to copy.
  • Request services. These include requesting interviews or booking speaking or (with special arrangements) event emceeing events with David Feng.
  • Use of authorised / designated material. “Fair use” or “fair handling” citations not in violation of the Sharing Voices Freely policies are permitted.

Your Obligations

  • Cite this site as a source. This can be done using a link back to either the specific page or to www.davidfeng.com in general.
  • Respect intellectual rights. Do not copy any part of the website which is under copyright restrictions until you get permission, or unless the law permits you to do so.
  • Use this site lawfully. Your use of this website must comply with the laws of applicable law.
  • You are to take notice of the availability of this site. When this site undergoes extensive works or should there be another reason, advance notice will be given. You might not be able to use part or whole of the site at that time. Also, David cannot be held responsible if due to organisational or security reasons, access to this website is restricted or refused at any time, with or without notice. (However, for most of us most of the time, this will hardly be a problem. David will try to host this site on servers that he thinks are “as reliable as possible”.)

Security Information

Please note that because this site does not at present utilise secure HTTP protocols, it is highly advised you DO NOT submit sensitive information via the webform system. This includes the entirety of any identity document number, your full date of birth, or any full bank or credit card number. Failure to follow this advice will mean that, in the case of situations evolving to your detriment, you yourself will be solely held responsible for any content you have chosen to submit via the webform system.

Encouraged Content

The following content is favoured by David Feng and should form the basis for your message or comment.

Encouraged are content which:

  • advocate order and security for persons, families, communities, countries, and the wider society;
  • guarantees and considers mutual respect in every form, as well as its unaltered guarantee to others (the acceptance of pluralism is required; the mere “non-endangerment” is insufficient);
  • advocate and realise one’s best in studies, work, and social activities; or is advantageous in building further knowledge;
  • advocate and realise peace, respect, and friendship in all areas, regardless how major or minor they may be;
  • assure the realisation of law and order and the execution of the laws, as well as the protection and development of positive morals in communities, countries, and in human societies;
  • assure, in all including the economic worlds, the dignity, integrity, and good name and reputation of oneself and all other persons and institutions;
  • advocate for mutual consideration, respect, support, and improvement in one’s own family, with one’s own friends, in school and work circles, in the communities, countries, and the wider society (“small love”, but also “greater love”); & as well as all that advocate for humane conduct and improving the lives of the poor; and for the sustainable development and respect, protection, and improvement with the wider natural world;
  • guarantee and assure the basic free democratic and equal rights of all members of society, and to permit every member of society an unaltered expression of their legal points of views;
  • in studies and work, present an image with core attributes of fairness, precision, reliability, independence in points of views, accuracy, efficiency, cleanliness, tolerance, and full and precise execution of all norms, rules, disciplines, and laws;
  • guarantee self-sufficiency and its development, and comes to terms with all duties, obligations, and responsibilities in time.

Discouraged Content

The following content is discouraged by David Feng and should be absent from your message or comment.

Discouraged are content which:

  • go against the Constitution, core values, principles, laws, national security, and public order;
  • go against the legal and moral rights and interests of third parties (regardless of nationality);
  • are threatening, insulting, or disturbing, or violate the private spheres;
  • go against the dignity, integrity, and unity (specifically in cases involving impersonation) of the person and the basic respect of a person;
  • is discriminating in any form;
  • advocate pedophilia, pornography, gambling (except for lotteries, basic football betting, and instant lottery draws, as well as pro bono lotteries), any and all drugs, the consumption of tobacco products (including their digital consumption), intoxication, antisocial behaviour, or the infliction of harm or suicide upon oneself;
  • communicate in advocacy of terrorism, extremism, cults, violence (especially those involving death or negatively life-changing injuries) and the violent denial of basic free democratic and fair thoughts;
  • are disadvantageous to academic (including nationals education), industry, economic, financial, or security interests;
  • impede upon third parties in their use of information systems or private telecommunications systems, as well as encouraging or instructing hacking or damaging the telecommunications infrastructure;
  • if communicated or acted into, present a risk to social, national, or international norms, order, or security, including upon the wider natural world.

Everyone is their own unique case. David Feng realises that every individual can be completely different from any other person, and thus he makes decisions and judgements solely in the actual situations of each and every private individual. There is no discrimination in any form tolerated.

Restrictions and Prohibitions

  • You must not copy content without permission. This does not apply where applicable law permits “fair use” or “fair dealing”. Restrictions will continue to apply if you use the site on an information media system, such as a radio or TV station, unless it is done to report late-breaking news from publicly-accessible pages.
  • This site is a personal Internet presence. You must obtain special prior permission, to be granted on a case-by-case basis following extensive review, if you wish to make any commercial use of this site. There is never an entitlement for commercial usage, and this privilege may be withdrawn or denied at any time; there is also no need for a reason to be provided here.
  • You must not copy the “look-and-feel” of the website. These include the three coloured squares, the use of designs or fonts intended to copy this site’s “look-and-feel”, any header pictures, or any use of the site which is intentionally done so to become an “impostor” of this site.
  • The browsing or use of this site for illegal intents or purposes is prohibited in full. This in particular applies if you intend to make use of any part of this website for the purposes of criminal or extremist activity, or the facilitation or furthering of such activities. It is also prohibited to submit requests for public events involving topics that violate applicable laws, or that are criminal or extremist in character. If you submit requests for these, it will be automatically denied and you might be referred to law enforcement.
  • Do not abuse, misuse, or “cook up” fake info. The use, abuse or misuse of content in any form from this site for the purposes of impersonation or the conveyance of fabricated and false information can be a civil or criminal offence. Don’t use this site in any involvement concerning “fake news” — David is not interested in this!
  • Submitting comments or messaging in violation of applicable law is prohibited. Whatever you submit on this site, you must assume full responsibility for such content. You are prohibited from posting content which is in support of crime or acts of moral turpitude, or endangers the internal or external security of China or Switzerland, or their constitution and laws, as well as content illegal in the country this site is physically hosted in. A comment or message which is found to be in contravention of the above-stated principles will be disregarded (both the content and any requests it may make), and no response is necessary to this effect.
  • Cybercrimes are prohibited in any form. The definition of cybercrime is a broad one as used on this site — it includes any actions, whether extant now or to be invented, which may endanger information, access, or infrastructure security regarding this site, or cause losses to any and all legitimate interests of this website.
  • Messages from David Feng sent in any form are private and may also be confidential. You agree not to pass this message to an unauthorised party without explicit permission from David Feng. You agree not to make public in any form a message sent from David Feng unless you have David’s permission. Exceptions apply if you are sharing this message with your spouse or a child in your family under the age of 18, or for business purposes, a close assistant who is working for you.
  • Your access to this site may be restricted for security purposes. If rational reasons exist where it is believed that your access to this site may constitute a security risk, your access rights to this site may be limited, either temporarily or permanently, with or without providing you with notification or a reason. (This is more a reserved right; its actual execution almost never happens.)
  • Security reasons may mean that this site may be taken offline at any time without warning. There may also be no obligation to provide detailed reasons for such actions.
  • On matters including political, religious, military or security matters anywhere in the world, this site will not offer a biased view. It will remain independent and non-participatory in these matters, and will not hold a position on these matters or any concerned organisation anywhere in the world.

Alien Archives and References

This site is not intended to be used as part of a collection by any Alien Archive or Reference. If you are not from the Family of David Feng and Tracy Liu, operate or intend to operate an archive or reference (including online encyclopaedias), and wish to incorporate or archive content on this site, it is imperative that you seek prior approval and wait for permission.

Your Right to Privacy

  • This site may use cookies to track you. However, no-one will not know whom exactly you are. The site may use cookies for tracking purposes. The cookie file will usually be stored on your computer. As no ads are shown, nor are any alien ad sites used, there should be no detrimental commercial effect to you arising from these cookies. In no case will your name, address, or personally identifying contact details be discovered — apart from probably a domain name of your ISP. Using solely the information this site tracks in terms of visitors, it is not possible for the webmaster to pinpoint a specific user, or to discover personally-identifying information about that user.
  • You can hide yourself (legally). It is OK to install or use software that protects your identity when browsing this website — provided this is not done to break the law.
  • Nothing about you is told with others without your permission. No authority will be provided with anything that is personally identifying about you, unless you provide this consent or unless applicable law requires this site to do so. This means that this site will not know if you have visited this site and all your messages with David are private and confidential.
  • Rights of electronic monitoring reserved. The monitoring of any form of communications sent on this website cannot be excluded. If monitoring is done, it will be done for security purposes. The exclusion of monitoring on this site or of messages sent from here by an alien authority can also not be guaranteed.
  • Storage of personal information exercised. Please be aware that, in order to optimise communications, your personal information, including contact and other details, may be stored. This is particularly so if you choose to send us a message from this website. Any such storage will mostly happen offline, in encrypted databases, so to avoid potential tampering and illegal access online. We are obligated to report any and all crimes and such relevant persons and entities to the police.
  • Restriction on the publication in a public location of personally-identifying information: Unless the non-DFTL Family person gives permission, whether orally or in writing, events which are intended to be privately held will not be published in public locations such as this site. Additionally, public reflections of the passing of a friend or relative of a DFTL-Family person will not be posted on public places, including this site.

No Spamming

David Feng will not spam, and so you should not spam David either. Spam is any commercial message sent without the consent of the other party — except for first-time contact messages of a strictly non-promotional character (for example, when applying for a job, or making a request to a commercial enterprise).

Definitions Used on This Site

  • References to “China” includes the mainland of China, as well as Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. Policies may differ between the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan areas of China. Policies as applicable for the mainland China are seen as equally applicable to the province of Hainan and the islands further south. Policies as applicable in the Taiwan area of China also apply for the counties of Jinmen/Kinmen and Lianjiang/Lienchiang of the province of Fujian.
  • References to “Switzerland” refer to the very country only. They do not generally include Liechtenstein, Büsingen am Hochrhein (Germany) or Campione d’Italia (Italy).


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Final Provisions

These policies will enter force as of 00:00 GMT (UTC+0) on 28 July 2018. Please note that these policies may be changed at any time without prior notice being given. There is no need to provide reasons or explanations for any modification to these policies.