Merci vielmal is an extremely Swiss way to say thank you very much in Swiss-German. Not wishing to be confused as “German Germans” from Germany, many a German-speaking Swiss will use the French word for thanks, merci instead. But to ensure they are also not confused for someone from France, they add the vielmal (and not vielmals!) bit at the end. This is a very Swiss way to thank people. I cannot in any way guarantee you our nationality if you say this when you do the interview to naturalise as a Swiss (good luck!), but it does bring a smile to our face and will likely win you points amongst Swiss locals.

I would also like to personally say merci vielmal to a great number of people whom I have had the good fortune of meeting around the planet. Some are new connections; others are those we’ve kept in touch for throughout many decades. Admission to my blogroll is not an automated, guaranteed entitlement, but I don’t disconnect or ignore friends — because I think that’s something pretty cruel. The sole factor in considering whether an entry is put into the blogroll are exclusively the interpersonal relationships between me and the other person-in-question, and this is an independent, personal move only.

All links in the Merci vielmal blogroll are strictly by alphabetical order and are ordered by the name of the blog. There are no language restrictions, although non-English blogs will have a language code added to the link (eg ZHS for simplified Chinese). The zhongyong, or avoidance from the extremes way of thinking that I go by — straight from traditional Chinese thought — means that I prefer not to share links which contain extreme views — either in favour or against any particular topic under the Sun.

I generally reciprocate because I think that’s the fairest and best way to stay in touch. So I invite all on the blogroll to keep the connection, so that we can all share thoughts and content worth sharing to all our audiences.