DF Voiceover 1000

You might have heard from me before you’ve met me!

I’ve done voiceovers, mostly for English-language content for clients and users in China, but the Internet means I’m also ready for your project whenever you are.


(This list is only partially complete.)

Beatles exhibition (China, 2015)
I provided English-language voiceovers for a Beatles exhibition in Shanghai.

Shijiazhuang HSR team (China, 2014)

I recorded mostly English-language announcements to be used for training purposes for train crew on some HSR services between Beijing, Shijiazhuang, and Handan.

A Handbook of Everyday English for Beijing (China, 2014)

I provided, along with a local co-host at the radio station, much of the English-language voiceover content. They are accessible both online and on the mini CD that comes with the printed edition of the book.

Radio Beijing (China, 2006)
Prior to more comprehensive involvements, I provided English-language voiceover content for shows and “sound bites” from interviews that were done in Chinese.


To request that I provide voiceovers for you, please contact me by email to start the conversation.

Here are some more details which may be of help to you.

Services mostly by invitation or reference for the moment
Please note that due to a busy work schedule, your application might get through faster if your application was by invitation, or if you made the request after being referred to me by a previous client or a close colleague.

I’m on my best in UK English

Nearly all of my previous clients or users were served by my voiceovers in English. Please also note that I’ve a mostly British English accent (which is what you get after being in Europe for so long!). Whilst I can attempt other languages, some users have commented my Chinese has a more “overseas” accent.

Some clients and users have priority

If you are based in China and wish to ask me to do voiceovers in English for local or international users or customers — especially if this is done to provide bilingual basic public services, or to promote the use of proper, standardised English — you have priority. The same goes for Chinese national railways and city metro systems. The above have been chosen, mostly because they were also previous clients or users of my voiceover content.