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If you are from the media, this is the best place to start. These pages are progressively being improved with more content.
Or proceed to my separate pages on academic research on media, or my books or media shows.

Request an interview with David Feng

I welcome the media with wide open arms. Please be sure to review important information before making a request. You should generally hear back from me within 36 hours (if you are making a first-time request). This is the exact same procedure to follow if you want me on a show as a one-off guest.

Get David to co-produce or co-host a show

Please check that the topic you’re after is one I know well — ideally, one I can easily do a talk on. Then email me directly. Also follow this exact same procedure if you want me to contribute to a blog or other online presence as a regular guest contributor.

Get David to emcee an event

Arrangements to emcee your event can for the moment only be made via authorised references. However, if you are interested, you may still choose to contact me.

Note: For the smoothest running of your event, make me part of your organisational team and make sure I meet with all who will be onstage at the event.

Get David to do a voiceover for you

You can choose to either take a look at my previous projects, or email me directly to talk about doing a voiceover for your project. Most of the voiceover work I have done previous were in English, and I’ve a mostly British accent.

Get David’s quick bio

David Feng (PhD) is a China media academic and a China rail specialist. He is presently involved in academic research and teaching at University of Westminster’s China Media Centre and is also Lecturer at the Communication University of China, as well as Associate Researcher with CCPN Global (Comparative Perspective Network Global, an affiliate member of The Academy of Social Sciences (UK)). He is a regular speaker on the stories of China, including media, tech, trains, travel, infrastructure and urbanisation in China. David also runs Trains Plus projects, which are centred on rail & city metro travel and developments.

In addition, David has emceed events, hosted radio shows, written books, improved China’s rail English, and is an avid world traveller. He was born in Beijing, grew up in Zürich, Switzerland, and is now in London.

Get David’s photos

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