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Always ensure the content of your request is pertinent to matters concerning the railways — in particular the systems in Switzerland and the UK, and especially China.

Title Information

In public events, the usage of any academic or professional titles is completely voluntary. It is also OK to refer David Feng as solely David, without the use of a title (of any kind) or his surname.

Applying for a Media Interview

  • Please apply for interviews directly via the Internet via a designated form.
  • Please be sure to provide a printed or otherwise published version of the interview.
  • The interview will be taped by David. This is for technical reasons only; this interview will not be uploaded or published. This can be made available to the interviewer in particular where the interviewer’s recording device has a fault.

The Interview and Posting Rights

In the interests of continued access, please permit the site to make the interview available on the site itself. (This will be dated, the interviewer will be credited, and the main content of the interview will appear with absolutely no changes to the content.)

This is required because on the Internet, the pace at which content is created and is moved or removed means that it is very possible content posted today is gone in a short period of time. Content which is saved is preserved in a special copyright status where this site has permission to display such content, but not to own copyright of such content. Internal interviews which will not be posted on a public network will be honoured; for these, such content will not appear online or will appear only by very special arrangement. This rule applies for non-audiovisual content (it applies for audio content, but does not automatically apply for audio and visual content).

Don’t Forget Media Documentation

Occasional media ID checks do happen, just to make sure you are legitimate (and that you indeed are you!), so always carry some form of media ID with you if meeting me for a one-to-one interview. This can take the form of your business card, or media ID or letter from your media organisation. (You might be exempted from this requiement if you hold a verified account on Twitter, Facebook, or Weibo.)

Security Policy

In line with security policy, it is possible, although very rare, that I have to tell you to pull an interview I did after it has been completed. The chances of this happening is very small indeed, but I thought it’d be better you were informed about this in the first place. This only is an issue if there is a security-related issue. If you fail to do this, I am afraid you might be unable to interview me for a certain time following this.

Important Name Information on Public Events

Please note that this concerns all conferences, speeches, and media interviews with David Feng participation.

Please note that due to localised naming practice, all parties must ensure they use the correct version of my name. This is with a common English name on all official documentation; the Chinese name is formed of two characters only. Please do not try to use any other version of the name, as you may be misleading members of the public. You will be supplied with name usage guidelines at an earlier time to ensure you comply. Thank you.

The Sharing Voices Freely Pledge Protects All Interests

Under the Sharing Voices Freely principles (for details, please see below), there are no content controls, but at the same time, members of the media are kindly requested to take responsibility for the interview and their actions. Issues arising from factual inaccuracies are solely the responsibility of the media organisation which shall have made the mistake in the first place. Statements, where needed, will be published on this website, to inform the public properly. The media are requested to protect the interests and security of both sides and to kindly respect privacy.

Informed Comments Only

To maintain news objectivity, please note that commentary may be temporarily unavailable on issues where David has not yet been fully aware of an issue.

You will not ask, and will not be given, any questions or comments from David regarding political ideology, religion, military, national security, or economic issues in any country anywhere in the world.

Reserved Rights

David possesses a reserved right to refuse interviews to media organisations on security or decency grounds, or at times with no reasons given. (This is a reserved right and hence its actual execution / enforcement is rare. Most media interview requests will not run into this problem.) It is personal policy to refuse interviews to members of the media which may touch upon, or refer to in a positive light, issues that are unconstitutional, advocate or glorify crime or serious disorder, or that are against David’s basic principles, or where the propensity thereof shall have been established, as in the independent judgement of David Feng. The same shall also apply for media which shall have had a history of inaccurate or illegal information reporting, or that shall mainly publish items of poor taste. There is a reserved right by David to immediately interrupt or end an interview and to walk away without prior notice should extremely serious legal or moral standards be breached.


Freedom to Speak

In this day and age, having the right to speak is even more precious, at a time when individuals, corporations, and governments may be thinking otherwise. I, David Feng, warrant and will defend the right of any citizen of any country, territory or region the freedom of sharing voices freely, and the free exercise of freedom of speech in line with the principle that the person exercising this freedom is responsible to his or her words and action, is guaranteed. Legal action of a restrictive nature shall be restricted, unless it can be proved there has been a case of libel, which shall only be recognised provided that:

  • the concerned statement is false and/or fabricated; and
  • the concerned statement caused harm to David Feng; and
  • the concerned statement was made without adequate research into the truthfulness of the statement; and
  • the concerned statement was made with the intent to do harm, or that the truth was recklessly disregarded.

It must be satisfied that the offender should have known better about the concerned statement, and that the libellous act be conducted to destroy David Feng’s reputation, or such a libellous statement be disseminated (or shall have been caused to be disseminated) where the disseminator should have known better.

It must be satisfied that the freedom of expression as enshrined in a national constitution shall have been abused, to the detriment of David Feng.

Only when all of the above preconditions are made shall I refer the case to an appropriate court of law, who shall then judge if conditions for actual litigation are met (or not).

Slander instead of libel is recognised for spoken (and solely spoken) content.

No action shall be taken for content expressed in a non-aggressive manner (as determined by its actual contents) should it be expressed:

  • as a preventative expression; that is, it is expressed to refute another statement; or
  • for the fair criticism of any person (including David Feng); or
  • in events which are subject to open comments, and if the comment made is not crass, offensive, slanderous, or libellous.

Cases are handled differently should privileged, restricted, secret, or private communications be leaked.

David Feng
28 August 2015


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