At times, media organisations make minor mistakes or provide factual inaccuracies. These are then spotted and corrections appear on this Errata page.
Note: The following corrections are authoritative, official, and most importantly, correct, and replace erroneous content in the relevant articles.

Under the Dome (It Made People Think About the Environment) Interview given by the China Development Society of London School of Economics and Political Science SU, March 2015, as part of a Web version of the Bridging Minds Symposium

  • The academic titles of David Feng are partially incorrect in the Chinese version of the interview. David Feng is a Lecturer (讲师) at the Communication University of China and a Visiting Academic (访问学者) at the University of Westminster’s China Media Centre.
    [15 Mar 2015]

Invisible Censorship Event at London School of Economics and Political Science, February 2015

  • Publicity promoting the event incorrectly features David as someone who spoke at TED. David spoke at TEDx, and this included a December 2009 appearance at TEDxGuangzhou.
    Please note that in former correspondence, David has repeatedly informed the organisers he spoke at TEDx. This should probably be taken as an error involving a typo.
    [01 Feb 2015]

17 April 2014 Press Release of Beijing Municipal Government Official Website

  • On 17 April 2014, the official website of the government of Beijing Municipality, in an official news release, mentioned David Feng’s academic title with a factual inaccuracy. The simplified Chinese ideogrammes “教授” corresponds to (Full) Professor.
  • David Feng wishes to clarify that his present academic title is that of Lecturer (“讲师” in simplified Chinese ideogrammes). In the United States, this title is alternatively known as Assistant Professor. That term is known as “助教授” or “助教授” in simplified Chinese ideogrammes; these ideogrammical expressions are not used in mainstream mainland Chinese academia.
    [18 Apr 2014]

Southern Metropolitan Weekly (China), April 2010 issue

Digital Power (China), March 2007 issue

  • In David’s column on page 42, David mistakenly mentioned the date when the iPod was released as 21 October 2001. This should read 23 October 2001.
    [12 Mar 2007]

AutoTop (China), November 2005 issue

  • David does not possess, counter to what the article states, a “Power Macintosh G4 7500”. Instead, he possess both a Power Macintosh G4 and a Power Macintosh 7500.
    [Nov 2005]