Please note: The full name of this book is Jiong Chinglish (囧图就在你身边: 雷人 Chinglish).

This book was published in April 2011, after finding that more and more of China were turning bilingual, but also that an increasing number of public signs displayed garbled English.

Some of these were barely understandable — Please you initiative to accept the security check was an oddly-worded reminder that subway passengers would have to undergo security checks before boarding trains. Others had double meanings (Automobile parking on holiday would have either indicated reserved bays for use on holidays, or the car park itself going on holiday!). Some of these were hilarious typos — men felt “worthless”-ised when their RESTROOM read PESTROOMS-MEN. Others were either a mumbo-jumbo of letters, numbers, and punctuation, or were simply incomprehensible (Meng is not driving the vehicle abduction?).

This book was presented to key academics in the field, which later earnt David rights to have his own English show on city radio in Beijing. The show used an extensive collection of David’s “Chinglish” pics. He intentionally meant for the book to be an accessible reader aimed at improving China’s quality of used English whilst not breaking the bank. (To cut prices and to make the book accessible for all, only part of the book ended up in full colour, although the quality of the text itself did in no way see compromises!)

Important: Due to editorial / author regulations, support for this book has been discontinued, and no new books will in general be signed by the author.

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ISBN 978-7-121-12840-0
Mandarin Chinese, Electronics Industry Press, Beijing, China, April 2011