The Chinese High Speed railway network (and at that, also the Classic Rail network) is the largest ever, with destinations from tropical islands to the freezing cold of Northeastern China in winter accessible at all times. However, bilingual services suffer from the lack of properly enforced standards, both at the national and local levels. Following almost five years of extensive research and testing, David released the Everyday Rail English book starting in late 2017.

These Everyday Rail English books set the standard straight — from this point onward, there would be one series of books using one unified norm, nationwide. All members of rail crew would be handed this very same book across all of China’s 18 railway regions and 30+ provinces.


Passenger Services English — 1000 Phrases

This book covers all situations where English might be required from rail crew — from the ticket office, through to the info desk and platforms, to onboard trains and when making onward connections.

The instant bestseller saw all 3,000 books in the first print completely sell out within the first fortnight, and now over 6,000 such books are used nationwide, with a focus on Central and Eastern China.

ISBN (number under verification)
Mandarin Chinese (with substantial content in English), China Railway Press, Beijing, China, December 2017


Clear Area Coding

To ensure that all readers can be on the right page when needed, the books have been divided into eight distinct parts or areas, as such:

A: Stations
B: Trains
C: Connections (or transfer to other means of transport)
S: Special Care passengers requiring travelling assistance
V: VIP passengers (eg Business Class)
W: Travel to/from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and overseas
X: Emergencies
Z: General situations (across entire rail system)

QR Codes

Sometimes, a member of staff can read the text, but has problems speaking out loud. We recognise the many needs of our readers, which is why QR codes are placed both at the start and the end of every part of the book (eg 1A for Ticket & ID Check).