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I’m also active in the world of books, having authored, published or contributed to books, or served in their editorial committees.

I’ve been involved in books in one way or the other since 2006, starting with proofreading a translation of a Mac book from English to Chinese. In 2011, I authored my own books about the Chinglish phenomenon. In 2013, I contributed to a book about media and China, and in 2014, I became part of an editorial committee, translating and proofreading a handbook of everyday English for Beijing. I also provided VO and video content for the book.

In 2018, my Everyday Rail English series of books took off across the Chinese railway network, improving and upgrading English used at stations and on trains and ensuring the level of English used remains unified and optimised throughout the network.

Note: David is not a member of any affiliate programme and will not join one. This is to ensure absolute content neutrality in relevant matters. Any book of his you buy here or via the Internet will not earn him any affiliate commissions. This is to the interest of the general public.

Full Guarantee: Books that carry my GUARANTEE logo are backed by a 10-year guarantee. This means if you find faults in the book, it will be my responsibility to fact-check and improve on the next publication. This applies in any case for the Everyday Rail English books published by the China Railway Publishing House.

Book Signings: Available for all books except academic / scholarly books and where otherwise noted.


Sole Author

  • Everyday Rail English books (2018–)
    Standardising English across the Chinese railway network
    Mandarin Chinese and English, China Railway Publishing House, Beijing, China
  • Jiong Chinglish (2011)
    A book on the Chinglish phenomenon
    Mandarin Chinese, Electronics Industry Press, Beijing, China
    Important: Due to editorial / author regulations, support for this book has been discontinued, and no new books will in general be signed by the author.


  • A Handbook of Everyday English (2014)
    Textbook to popularise English in China, intensively peer-reviewed
    Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Beijing, China
    My name appears in credits list as part of the book’s Editing Committee — my position was that of Editing Expert, and voiceover artist.
  • Hand in Hand to the Winter Olympic Games (2015)
    Textbook to popularise English in China in time for the Beijing & Zhangjiakou 2022 Winter Olympics, intensively peer-reviewed
    Higher Education Press, Beijing, China
    My name appears in credits list as part of the book’s Editing Committee — my position was that of Editing Expert.


  • Apple Confidential 2.0: The Definitive History of the World’s Most Colorful Company (2006, Chinese (simplified) translation)
    The Chinese (simplified) translation to Owen W. Linzmayer’s work
    Tsinghua University Press, Beijing, China
    Chinese name used was that before 2007 new name announcement.

Included David Feng Works

  • New Media Industries Frontiers (2013; edited by Hu Zhengrong et al)
    Peer-reviewed book on media and especially new media in China
    Beijing, China