David Feng and the Media

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I’m involved in the media in a lot of ways. I make media productions including documentaries, and I’ve also done research and books about the media.

I’ve also both hosted and taken part in programmes as presenter or frequent guest, as well as being interviewed by national and international press.

Media Involvement Updates

All media involvements will continue on and after 04 September 2015. The Media Centre has also been made available.

Media Shows

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My first media show was presenting the news in English. I went live for the first time at the stroke of noon on 05 March 2004, and my first show kicked off with a review of the day’s news and China’s session of parliament.

Since that time, I’ve done many more shows, both in English and in Chinese. They have included music, travel, language, and car shows, both pre-recorded and live. I’ve also been able to present radio shows live from events (as in: outside of the studio).

Books and Columns

I’ve also been involved with books. I proofread one, authored another, and was involved in translating, editing, and co-authoring yet another book. More books are in the pipeline.

I’ve also done a fair bit of columns. I used to do one about the Apple Macintosh community in China for a US-based tech site. My current column promotes proper English for Chinese railways.

Media Appearances

I’m in demand but am always happy to talk.

I’ve been featured on the BBC, CNN, IDG, the Wall Street Journal, Hong Kong media, German media (Blogschau), and media elsewhere.

In the run-up to the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, the BBC ran an exclusive, Web-and-radio series with me about Beijing. My opinion regarding tech in China is often sought after. I’ve also been featured on the topics of Beijing, English in China, media and tech, and Chinese railways. International media lined up on the train to interview or feature me on the maiden journey of the Beijing-Shanghai HSR.

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  • DF Presenting Radio Beijing V800
Some of my more visible appearances have been:

Appearances on media from the LSE’s China Development Society (Student Union organisation) about media in China (Spring 2015)

Xinhua interviews on rail travel in China (Jan & Feb 2014)

People’s Railway Web (peoplerail.com) back-page feature on China railways and railway English for China (July 2013)

Interviews I have been featured in were conducted in English, Chinese, and German. I am also good to do these in French, and to some extents, in Italian. For Swiss media, I am all too happy to do it in Swiss-German!

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Share my views, my stories, my opinions with a wider audience. I welcome media interviews with wide, open arms. Applying online is quick and ensure you get the interview as soon as possible. Help me help you by filling in the quick form and I’ll be sure I’m ready.

You might also want to review important information — so to ensure you are best prepared. There’s all the details to ensure the mutual conversation is a fruitful, productive, and inspiring one, both for you, the interviewer, and for your audience.

Interviews can be given in English, Mandarin Chinese, German, and as much as possible, in French and Italian. Swiss media are more than welcome to try Schwiizerdütsch (Swiss-German) with “one of their own”!