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I hope to get back to your message as soon as possible. Here are the maximum waiting times for messages sent to me electronically. For regular post, please allow a response time of up to 60 days (unless you have supplied pre-paid postage for a faster service). If I’m aware of an issue beforehand, you may get a response within the same day.
All dates below are regular days; this includes workdays, weekends, and national holidays, but does not include 29–31 December, 01 January, and until 12:00 noon of 02 January (of the next year). The number of days does not include the day when your electronic message was first sent to me. For times in hours, start counting from the full hour after your message was sent.

Secondary Inspections: Please note that, on occasion, your message may be held and delayed due to optional secondary communication inspections taking place. Learn more about this »

Please note: If part or all of your message refers to a matter that you have sent me communications in paper form, I am very sorry to inform you that there will be massive delays. Please allow for upwards of 20 days for a response. This is due to a huge organisation effort of all printed documentation my end. If your case deals with fully digitised or all-digital (eg email only) matters, regular, faster waiting times will apply. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Regular business:
Messages on new matters: 96 hours
Messages on existing matters: 72 hours

Trains (National railways / city metro):
Messages on new matters: 48 hours
Messages on existing matters: 36 hours

Priority messaging:
All messages: 24 hours Sorry, service suspended
This service is available for designated persons only. Misuse of this service is illegal.

References issued by David Feng:
Academic references: No longer available
All other references: 180 days
This is only available where David has promised to issue you with a reference, which is by exceptional invitation only. The issuing of a counterfeit or bogus reference can be a criminal offence, and can land you automatically in litigation!

Media interviews:
Fully completed simplified request forms: 36 hours
Complex issues: 96 hours
Trains-related matters will be handled much faster

Speaking engagements:
In general: 24 hours to see David’s times available; then up to 48 hours for a final decision
Complex issues: Up to 96 hours instead of 48 hours for the final decision

Event emceeing engagements:
Please note that this service is only available by special invitation.
In general: 48 hours to see David’s times available; then up to 96 hours for a final decision
Complex issues: Up to 14 days instead of 96 hours for the final decision

Complex issues:
Commercial business: 28 days
(only for messages sent to David’s academic email account)
All other complex issues: 10 days

Where you have been supplied with a specific or designated email address, please use that address for faster service. This applies in particular to commercial or government users.

Where you have been given a reference number to be quoted for all correspondence, you will need to quote this — or your message could end up delayed.

All of the above are subject to delays and extensions for extremely complicated issues, or in the event of illness, or cases of birth, marriage, serious illness or death in the family. They may also face further delays if there are cases of information network security breaches or threats thereof.

In extremely rare situations, you might have to wait longer for a reply containing a decision on your request.

Security notice: David Feng reserves the right not to respond to your message without giving you a reason for not doing so. (This is generally a reserved clause.)