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I will, as much as possible, stick to the published times for getting back to you. On occasion this is not possible (illnesses, emergency situations, or other exceptional circumstances); in such cases, I’ll get back to you the moment such situations have been dealt with.

I expect basic courtesy and mutual respect in emails — in other words, it’s always a good idea to treat me the way you’d like to be treated. Obviously, if there are any major, material threats or criminal content in your message, you could very well expect a police visit! (But that’s the case with nearly everyone.)

If you are make a request for me to give a talk, or are from the media and wish to interview me, you can expect a timely and professional, but always personable, response within the times published. Please ensure you familiarise yourselves with any important information that you are expected to read beforehand — this is for your benefit as well. If you request any other published services, you should also expect a timely response.

Please also familiarise yourself with my standards of conduct expected on social media. Much applies from these standards on social media as they do for general communications.


DF Inbox 1000x200

Here’s a guideline to David Feng’s new social media practices, valid as of 00:00 on 01 September 2015.


I, David Feng, am committed to using media of all types, in all forms, online and offline, as places where everyone share voices freely. I’m happy to give you a place to express your views, on the same volume as me and everyone else.

I want to ensure all debates are rational, free-flowing, and reflect a diversity of viewpoints. Debate is monitored solely to ensure that constitutions, laws, and fundamental principles are not violated. This is done so that “everyone has microphone access”; sharing voices freely is a major belief and goal here. Just like freer content licences (such as the GNU Free Documentation Licence), ‘rights’ that are abused to remove rights from others must themselves be disabled first.

In public, I like to keep things “reasonable and real”; as much as possible, I will reduce the use of language that “turns the air blue” (the occasional rant or swearword will not end up as an ad hominem attack). I encourage civil and considerate debate. Content with obscene or discriminatory content will be amongst the first to be removed, as will also be the case when it comes to content which involves personal attacks and libel.

I do not in general comment on matters regarding politics (except for purely academic commentary), religion, or regarding military / national security, and my site at shares the same policy. I keep my distance from the more sensitive of topics; to this end, I do not support, or oppose, or create or join, organisations of political and / or religious natures.

I do not publish, condone, or advocate content which is against humanity or shows crass, graphic violence. I do not spam; if you see spam bearing my name, or a link to a site I operate or take part in, you should consider this as a case of impersonation, or of accounts being hacked.

I do not publish, condone, or advocate content of a pornographic nature, or which result in losses (in particular financial ones). I do not post content condoning the illegal use of arms; nor do I post content condoning animal cruelty, or anything else that is immoral. I will not post content which condones or advocates the preparation and / or undertaking of offences or crimes, and I will ensure Chinese and Swiss laws, as well as the law of the country I am in (or the web site is based in), is held to.

I do not condone any kind of academic dishonesty in any form. I also don’t ridicule or belittle anyone in academia.


I often keep a busy schedule, but I’m always committed to, where possible, keeping the debate alive on the Internet.

I am most active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Weibo, and WeChat. It is easiest to catch me from 09:00 through to 20:00 every day (in the time zone of the place I am in).

Important: I might be busy at times, especially during the day from Monday to Friday.

Content on most social presences (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Weibo, and WeChat) will be mostly trains-related, although general current affairs commentary might also be visible on Twitter.

I also have accounts on these other networks:

  • Quora: Key areas of competence are Beijing / Tianjin / Hebei, rail and city metro around China, exploring Chinese cities, as well as content related to education, academia, and general current affairs in China.
  • Instagram: All pictures will be posted onto Instagram. This may include pictures which are not shared to other networks (notably Twitter or Facebook, amongst others).
  • Flickr: If you follow me on Flickr, you will mainly see content posted by way of Instagram.

I do have accounts on Plurk, Flickr, XING, WhatsApp, and other Chinese social media networks (such as: RenRen, Kaixin, QQ, Yi Xin, Jiepang, Fetion, You Shi,, and others), but these are lesser used.

My Tumblr accounts are topic-specific blogs about the Beijing 2022 Games, and the city of Beijing as a whole.


I truly value your privacy. I will never post the real names or any other personally identifying content (text, pictures, video, or otherwise) of persons under 18 onto my web site ( or my networks.

Please do not post pictures of members of my family who are under 18 years of age at the time the picture was taken; the same request applies to any other personally identifying information in any form. (Authorised persons whom have been granted permission will always display evidence of permission.)