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If you have my phone number, please be sure not to leave behind any voicemail messages. I respond to calls and SMS text messages much faster.

The fastest possible way to a response from me remains by email. This is because I can access email on virtually all of my digital devices.


DF Inbox 1000x200

To improve efficiency and so that you can get a reply from me sooner, I’m using a system where where there are individual email inboxes for different purposes. (See how fast I’ll get back to you.)

There’s actually nothing secretive about not sharing email addresses on the Web: it is precisely because an “open” Mail-To link is a magnet for spam and illegal messaging, that none are shared here on the website. However, by using an email form, the exact same goal is reached: you can easily get your message to me online without launching your email client.

Emails from and are both from me. This is simply separating “regular emails” from “email addresses of mostly commercial bodies”. It’s nice to know, for example, that a supermarket nearby is offering special deals, but that email should go in a separate email inbox from my regular messages — so that I can get my priorities in order — which ultimately means that “human” emails get a response faster!

If you are from a commercial enterprise, please ensure you write back to me using the email address you have on record for me. Writing back to any other address will most likely result in delays.

If you are from government, use the address I’ve has left you. This, too, will ensure your message is responded to much faster, which is important for key matters. “Government” here is counted solely for full government bodies; it does not include non-government entities even if they are partly or fully funded by government. (For example, the Chinese Railway Corporation, or China Central Television, are corporate or unit bodies funded by the Chinese government, yet none is counted as “government”; however, the National Railway Bureau is part of government as it is subordinate to the Chinese Transport Ministry.)

Due to technical issues, if you are emailing me from a Microsoft (, Hotmail, or Exchange) or Gmail account, please contact me using Inbox 2. If you use the main forms, especially that for Inbox 1, there is a risk that, even if I get your message, my response to you will bounce. (I’ve tried contacting Microsoft about this issue; solving it is notoriously difficult!)

For anything related to trains (national railways or city metro systems), please contact me on my Trains Inbox. Responses come the fastest if your message is about the systems in China or Switzerland.

If you are writing on academic business, please use the Academic Matters Only inbox when you email me, so to make sure your message is handled faster. Note that complex / commercial issues sent to this address can take up to 28 days for a response.

If you are based in Mainland China, and you are neither a commercial enterprise, government, or writing on trains-related or academic business, you may find it faster that you use the China Inbox when you email me.