It’s much easier to get in touch with me by email. As a security and anti-spam measure, no email addresses are openly posted. You can choose which email inbox you wish to use. Just click or tap to choose an email inbox you wish to send your message to.

TEMPORARY SUSPENSION OF NON-RAILWAY RELATED BUSINESS: Through to and including 15 April 2018, any and all business must involve the railways in one form or the other. All other business will be given an answer only as of May 2018.

IMPORTANT: The email system will be comprehensively redone in October 2016. Also, apologies to those who tried to reach me via Gmail from summer 2016, or from all originating email domains in the more recent days. Any security issues have been solved in general and communications is being restored.

It is important you read the following information before you send your message.

▶ Languages Accepted: You may use English, Mandarin Chinese, German, French, or Italian. If you have critical information to give where no tolerance of error is permitted under any circumstances, your message can be in any language, but there must be an English version of your critical information. This does not apply to issues regarding immigration, border control, or identity documents for China or Switzerland, or for military orders for the nation I currently hold the citizenship of.

▶ If You See Something, Say Something! Please report any abnormal or suspicious behaviour you see happening on or from my social media accounts here via these forms, and provide as much detail as possible. Do not reply to me via the social media service if you suspect it might have been compromised in any way; this is for your security as well. Also, please read the fraud alerts (further down in the Official Papers page). Thank you for your understanding.

▶ If You’re Being Racist, You Could Be Reported. It can be a civil / criminal offence to post discriminatory content of any form, especially if they concern unequal treatment due to race, religion, nationality, gender, or any other factor of consideration. If you’re being discriminatory, your message or request could be referred automatically to law enforcement, and there will be no need to inform you that action is being taken. Thank you for your understanding.

▶ Please note: You will need to use these forms if the last time you wrote me was before 2014, or are writing on trains-related or academic matters. This is because I have since changed email addresses. The former address david [at] davidfeng [dot] com is no longer valid. You may be using what is now an expired or inactive address. If you are using an email address from Microsoft (, Hotmail, Exchange) or Gmail, use only Inbox 2. If your email address is on a server inside mainland China, use only the China Inbox. This applies even for media interviews or requests to book me for talks.

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