Want To Be A Presenter in China? Easier Wished Than Done…

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Want To Be A Presenter in China? Easier Wished Than Done…

New developments out of Beijing are no longer that good when it comes to you being the next big presenter on TV. And for me, personally, I feel awful about it, since that’s how I got my start in my career, which involves media.

When I wanted to be a presenter, it “just happened”, in comparison. (I think I have to count myself lucky, just to make it fair.) A perfect timing of suddenly discovering I was better suited onstage than offstage, a willingness to entertain, plus a lack of good English speakers back when China was getting excited for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing — these probably landed me the golden opportunity, as I started hosting radio shows, first on university radio, then took it to the next level with the Communication University of China. The perfect combination of taking extra courses in English broadcasting and meeting a friend who’d later be involved with Radio Beijing meant that I had a great opportunity to be part of the radio station, first as an intern, then being an actual voice behind the microphone. This later evolved in becoming part of the show’s production team (as opposed to merely reading stuff others have prepared for you).

But what has happened recently in the Chinese job market have both graduates and even media veterans (like me) more than concerned.

Chinese Media: “Less Entertainment Shows After Dinner” Sound Good To You?

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A little bit of shocking news here: the authorities in charge of radio, TV and film are thinking of limiting entertainment programmes to after the 22:00 “Chinese watershed” of sorts. Moreover, “moral guidance programmes” are to be shown more and more.

Lest you think this is “re-communization” in the works (moving Beijing closer to North Korea than to the West), here’s a look at some of the “media events” that have happened in the past years that may have gotten the censors — well, more than a little ballistic…