New Beginnings for 2016 and Beyond

New Beginnings for 2016 and Beyond

Just yesterday, I had left the Starbucks not far from central Oxford and was headed to the town hall, apparently for “lunch”. Tracy got me into a room in the town hall, which was to be used in the afternoon for an event we would take part in. She asked me to come to the lectern for a photo opp. (You like doing that and giving speeches all the time!, she said, so on I went to “the set”. There was also virtually no-one else there, and it would be at least a full hour until the event would be underway, so we had plenty of time.)

I thought about using this pic (look at this great shot, my wife said to me) so to tell you all about a key shift in my life as I prepare for what’s next my end, career-wise. Now Tracy and I had just finished a few weeks where we consulted one other for solid plans. I myself am putting behind unpredictable times and have a fresh new vision, but also am true to that age-old adage — If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I have to say she is far more optimistic than I dared imagine — and both of us were also realistic.

Throwing Away Your Past Stuff is a Very Stupid Idea

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I learnt it the hard way!

If there are only three things I can say to myself — with no regrets — Right, David, you grew a brain and took this along with you to London — it would probably be something like this:

1. Wife (d’oh! Of course. Otherwise I’d be all bones now. Who else will cook for me…?)
2. PhD diploma (please don’t kill me, I am not an academic snob!)
3. Macs with external hard drives

And in item number 3 there is a particularly important part that I have to say I am happy carrying all the way out to London with me: my 2 TB hard drive.

The International Chinese: “My” Speech at the Chinese Blogger Conference

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At first, I wanted the speech to be a display of “just” what locals and foreigners think, as well what sets us together and what unites us, plus a bit about my views of the year 2008 as an International Chinese. However, the first day of the Chinese Blogger Conference was quite enough for me to go right back to the drawing board and spend much of Day 2 redoing the entire presentation. (That was why you saw Zoe and Elliott, not me, at the blog helm on Day 2 here at CN Reviews.)

The redone version started on a much more personal touch: I’d describe a bit of me, my education in Switzerland, what I do, as well as a few of those classical @DavidFeng tweets before diving into what makes the Chinese or the foreigners tick (a la the original presentation). This was a good start as people would first get to know me before they got to know what I did or what I believed in.


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Revitalization of the old…

Due to reasons beyond me, the old Raccolta Online on Blogspot/Blogger was no longer accessible where I am. Rather than lose my space on the web completely, I decided to give WordPress a try.

The story continues…