DF Values Principles Interests A

I prefer you call me just that — David — over any formal terms such as “Dr Feng”. I prefer to treat one other as equals and will never intentionally “put on airs”. I have a public Internet presence (domain website / blog, presences on major social media sites, etc) and have open policies regarding the media; I will not make it difficult for you to contact me.

Dedication to Details
Having grown up in Switzerland, I’ve grown up to be someone who is addicted to details. Care to the details that matter is a norm you should expect in anything I do or create. I want the details to work right for you, so that the details themselves solve any problems you may still have.

At Home Everywhere in the World
From the age of 7, I’ve grown up in environments where people from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania have all been in the same classroom. I favour multilingualism, cosmopolitanism, and diversity, as well as equal chances for all cultures, all races, and all nationalities. As a de facto world citizen, I feel at home everywhere, and I love exploring different places old and new.

I like to stay connected, offline or online. I take part in meet ups, am happy to speak in front of large audiences, and like healthy, tolerant debate.

Independent Thinking
I am a lifelong believer in the notion that responsible freedom of speech is a great thing. I love sharing voices freely and there are virtually no public topics off-topic for me. I advocate independent thinking for everyone: you should be entitled to your own opinion on every key issue. I respect all reasoned views regardless of which way they may lean.

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DF Values Principles Interests B

An Active Member of World Society
I recognise and treasure the diversity of our planet. As a citizen of the world, I’m interested in making new connections, visiting new towns and cities, and coming up and working on new ideas to make the planet a better place. Part of this is my teaching of cross-cultural communications to make people understand one another better.

There is no better way to explore the world than on a train. A three-hour flight can show you brilliantly blue skies, but for the real views, you’ll need to head right to ground level as your train takes you next to lakes, through mountains, and over endless miles of flatland. I love exploring the planet by train, and some of my commitments which are not related to “mere tourism” are also heavily connected with the railways. My main rail project is simply termed, Trains Plus.

Media is a bridge for people to talk to one other and to let more people know of the interactions on a wider scale. I am an advocate of fairer, fuller media coverage, and to let new, emerging communities, such as China, be understood better through media. My research, lecturing and teaching cover China and its media extensively. I am also interested in learning more about the media in other communities, and to fully using media to exchange new views.

The diversity of stories in the world makes for entertaining reading for people around the planet. I am enthusiastic about using the stage to share and connect, in my speeches and emceed events, stories, and to let as many stories be shared as possible. Through sharing stories, there is much more potential for people to understand one other better.

There are around 7,000 languages on the planet. Behind languages are communities, cultures, and ways of living. I work to promote multilingualism and the optimised use of languages to promote better understanding between people. In China, I am presently working to standardise and enhance English, and am a certified, experienced teacher of English.

In this day and age, few countries are as intriguing as that of China. A mix of Confucius, congee, conurbations, and more, there is both the old and the new, the outlandish and the home-grown, the traditional and the avant-garde. With miles the world over, interactions with people from all five continents, understanding of Chinese and Western mindsets, and over 10 years each in Europe and Asia, I seek to tell the China story from one of the most unique views ever.