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Beginning 2004, I’m known as David Feng, a change reflected on all official documents 10 years later. For most readers, this page serves as confirmation of the above fact. If you have an older document issued to a former name I have used, it may still be valid depending on when this was first issued.

I was previously known as “Yan” Feng, which was the direct use of my Chinese Hanyu Pinyin birth name. This name was a headache for the Western world, as it was often misspelt, ending up “mangled” on credit cards, report cards, articles, and many other items, as well as online.

In the interest of all, the name David Feng entered into use on 01 January 2004. This name has been widely worldwide; my passport made an official observation of this in early 2014. The change was formalised by deed poll in the UK in autumn 2014 across all official documents.

The use of my name in the Chinese community on items other than international travel documents is currently regulated separately. In particular, these regulations permit the use of my Chinese name in Chinese characters only. The Chinese name should not be used in Pinyin or another form of romanisation, and should not be used in Chinese Commercial Code. Where the “usual” Western (A-Z, etc) alphabet is used, the proper name to be used is always David Feng. In all languages, my initials are always DF.


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Please note that is a personal / family web site. As a result, all contents are the exclusive family property of David Feng and family (beginning with the generation of David Feng and his wife). A foreign individual, organisation or government must seek prior permission before content on this domain is used. It is against the law to directly use content without permission.

There are rational exceptions for genuine uses where it is in the form of a bona fide critical review, especially by the educational, academic, or research communities, or to fulfil the requirements of up-to-date news reporting by news organisations (including blogs). It is realistically impossible to control the use of content on this site for private uses, and so it is assumed that private usage will be reasonable, will remain private in nature, and will not infringe any legitimate rights of me, David Feng.

In all other cases, prior permission must be sought. Please contact me for permission. You must pay for the use of pictures used for commercial purposes, including my pictures, unless special terms (which must have been pre-negotiated) apply (and you have printed or digitised proof of this).

If you operate a reference or archive, you need special permission if you intend to include this site in your archives.

Any use, in particular those which are granted, take place under the condition that the person using the content from this site is solely responsible for how it is used and for all consequences the use may arise. An improper use can give rise to litigation, which is a right reserved by me, David Feng. Please also note that I reserve a further right to impose an optional or compulsory licence or other usage fee, which is to be paid before use or within 30 days following use, as determined by me. There is also a reserved right by me to refuse any use without providing a reason.

Special regulations may apply for a website which is hosted by a national / citizen of, or on servers located within, China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), or Switzerland.


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As I am an academic, there are clear lines I have to draw between what happens in the classroom and what happens in the boardroom. This is in the interest of the academic community and upon much of society as a whole.

Through to 26 February 2018, I do not hold stock in any publicly traded company, and am currently not a member of a governing or leading board with which I have interests or duties that conflict with my teaching or academic training.


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Read the full fraud warning here.


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As of 2016, I no longer issue academic references. Any person with a previous reference issued by me whom wish to verify its authenticity must provide the following documentation:

  • A letter of application
  • Official evidence of nationality and identity of the person to whom the reference was issued to
  • Official evidence of nationality and identity of the person making this request
  • A photocopy of the original of the reference issued