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A Beijinger by roots, Swiss by nationality, at home by train in the world

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Hello. Welcome to David Feng on the Web. David is probably best known about trains, Twitter, and China, and the Next Station: China documentary in the making. You might have also known him from his books, TEDx talks and engagements, academic works, and his radio shows across China.

David is always on the go, and trains form the core, the centre, of his career (although he doesn’t work for the railways). He tweets, publishes, and blogs about trains, improves the quality of English used across the network, and also documents the evolution of Northern China’s “Jingjinji” metropolitan conurbation in the making from an independent view.

What’s New?

Last updated 01 December 2017

Open up, China! David has just chaired and spoken at an annual meeting of academics and other high-end talents in China. The talks he chaired advocated not just increased collaboration between China and the rest of the world, but also improvements in day-to-day and administrative business for expatriate professionals.

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At the Core of My Career: Trains

This is what I'm involved in, day in, day out

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At the core of my career at the trains.

Exploring China and the rest of the world from the railways is a goal of mine — and forms my main project, which, being the core of my career, is visibly rail-centred.

One of my most important projects is the Tracking China website, plus my many other involvements closely related to Chinese railways. These projects inform all about railways in China and keep the audience up-to-date on late-breaking developments.

About David Feng

David Feng in pictures and stories

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China, Switzerland, World

Beijinger by birth, Swiss by passport, and at home everyone on the planet

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I was born in Beijing and this, to many extents, remains home to me. The city of Beijing is an incredible city of the future, with the Forbidden City, Great Wall, and the newest skyscrapers “all in one city”. It is also incredibly alive well into the night.
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By passport I am a proud Swiss and Zürcher. Our city mixes traditions with the new, and welcomes people the world over. From 1988 through to 2000, I lived just 15 minutes away by train from the Bahnhofstrasse, at the heart of the city.
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I’ve also been in nearly 300 cities around the world — ranging from larger towns to world metropolises. After 12 years in Zürich, and 2 in London, I’m now back in the city of Beijing.
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Active in the classroom in pursuit of knowledge

In term of academic involvements, I split my time between the classroom, library, and the “rest of the world”. My main research topic is in media in China, in particular social media in China. I do, however, also teach English for China, and as part of my pro bono commitments, am also heavily involved in researching and creating a new bilingual norm for the Chinese rail system, thus bringing my English lessons “into use” for the rest of us.


Here to inform audiences about the issues that matter

The new slideshow is coming soon.

I love entertaining audiences large and small with stories about China, Switzerland, tech, media, trains, languages, and much more. I’ve been involved in two TEDx events in southern China.

I’ve given talks to audiences in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Australia, and have also spoken at universities, including the University of Westminster, LSE, and universities in China.

If you want a talk that makes sense of issues for the curious, in plain English, while not “dumbing it down”, you could consider me for a future event.

Public Events

I'm also active at public events

My active involvements mean I am also seen at public events, especially at book launch events, language fairs, and other events. (As of late, though, I’m a little more “covert”, as there’s more work that’s being done.)

Foreign Languages Festival 2014

Books and Shows

I've also been published in a variety of books

I have also written books and been featured on the media — both in China and internationally.

My first go at a book was in proofreading the Chinese version of Owen Linzmayer’s Apple Confidential 2.0 back in 2006. In 2011, I authored a Chinese-language book on the “Chinglish” phenomenon. Three years later, I joined forces with Beijing city authorities in co-authoring a Handbook of Everyday English for Beijing. I’ve also had my work published in academic literature on media in China. Newer book plans are also in progress.

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I’ve been featured on national and international media, both inside and outside of China. I have also been on radio in China since 2004, and most recently, my 2013 programme was a special aimed at improving English across the country.

More about my books
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Media Centre

I welcome the media with wide open arms

I embrace the media world with wide open arms. See more about me in the Media Centre »

Note: Details about my academic research on media, as well as media shows, are on other pages.


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