I will always insist on quality over quantity in all of my academic involvements. Here are my pledges.

Highly Reliable Sources

I will always use sources that are highly reliable.
This means using either peer-reviewed sources, or online sources of a reputable individual or organisation. It is my personal policy never to directly cite the so-called “Wikipedia” or similar user-generated content bases unless research is on precisely this topic, or its citation is needed and is not replaceable by any other source in critical research.

Legal Content Only

I will always be legal in everything I do.
I will always stick by the law when engaging in academic research. My teaching commitments will be fully within the framework and limits permitted by applicable law.

Commercial Non-Involvement

As an academic, I will never mix what’s inside the classroom with commercial interests.
To this end, I will ensure that any academic and business interests I may have are separated, so that none mix with one other. Nothing I shall carry or use that are commercial products made by an outside commercial organisation will at any time imply support or the lack thereof of the product, the company, or both.

Political, Religious, and Commercial Independence

I’m very serious when it comes to academic independence.
To ensure independence, I shall never join any political, religious, or commercially-sponsored entity of any educational or academic organisation. I will also not permit my name, in English or Chinese, to be used for the naming of any edifice, public, private, commercial, educational, academic, or of any character.

If You Taught Me, You’ll Never Pay Me

The schools that I went to have a special place in my heart.
With the exception of an institutions that I am tenured in, I shall never charge an educational and/or academic institution that I shall have studied at as a student for six or more months any amount of payment regarding lesson fees.

Credit Will Always Be Given

If I used it, I will cite it.
I will, in any work that I shall author, or co-author as the lead author, cite sources where any part has been used.

Mutually Beneficial Ties in Academia

I seek friends, not enemies; support, not alienation.
I will always maintain cordial ties with academia. I oppose and will never exert corporal punishment or utilise physical force upon any student (except for when it must be done in a preventative manner to prevent the student from engaging in practices which may immediately cause death or serious injury). I oppose the use of denigratory, discriminatory, or hateful language in any and all forms — because I see all of humanity as equals.

Freedom of Debate, Discourse, and Discussion

The First Amendment is alive and well with me.
As a Swiss citizen, I’ve grown up in a society that honours and values mutual respect for a great diversity of different views. In full accordance with relevant laws, I shall enable my students to speak their minds in class.

Interaction, Not Monologues

I’ve been bored before. I shall not bore you.
At least two-thirds of a class I shall teach will be interactive. I shall support and stimulate healthy discussion and advocate use of knowledge learnt instead of merely “swotting” content.

Primus Inter Pares

I might teach you, but I’ll always guide you.
I prefer to see myself as an equal with other students instead of being an academic tyrant whom must always be harkened to. Therefore, I see himself as a mere scholarly guide than a forceful leader.


The entirety of any of my lectures, seminars, or lessons, given online, in person, or in any other form, is available for public citation unless:

  • they have been declared as Internal Sessions
  • there had been a restriction of recording, either audio, visual, or both, except for cases where notes were explicitly permitted
  • attendees were obliged to sign Conditions of Admittance with relevant restrictive clauses or conditions
  • where a presentation on behalf of myself (David Feng) was done by an authorised party (exceptions to this present rule will always be clearly displayed)

The entirety of the Chang’anjie Media Notebook website is available for public citation, except for where readers have been instructed otherwise.

(Reserved regulation — Permission is needed, and will be granted on a case-by-case basis, for citations from from any student that I am currently mentoring, or may mentor.)

The citation of any David Feng document authored or published on or after 01 September 2012 must be cited as David Feng (and not by David’s name at birth or the Pinyin name). This includes files in Chinese authored published as 冯琰.

Members of the general public should cite David Feng when usage of a David Feng document equates to that in quantity of David Feng using a document authored or published by a member of the general public, that is, five consecutive words shall have been used without alteration; or where six in ten words shall have been used without alteration in a continuous sentence. Failure to observe rule may lead to warnings or litigation.

Only I (David Feng) myself and a very select group of authorised persons have permission to post, change or remove content on, so there are no issues regarding authenticity on this site, provided it is running normally. Always ensure your URL starts with a language-specific prefix on the main domain — and no other domain — unless otherwise specified.