Feng Out – For Now

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Feng Out – For Now

Ten years ago, China was going through its best days. Ten years on, and the voices here are slightly more diverging, and maybe not all of this is positive — in or for multiple aspects.

The world has gotten increasingly negative since the twin events of 2016 brought down the liberal democratic order we had gotten used to especially since the end of the Cold War.

Tweets, too, have gotten even more polarising as of late. Ten years back, I didn’t have the Twitter “verified” tick, but the discussion was lively — I made my decisions of Coke vs Pepsi by what you @-tweeted me in favour of. Ten years later, our keyboards are becoming 103-button launchpads of missiles, where every push of a button in terms of a tweet can bring out a tweet so full of ire and anger…

Suffice it […] to say that I am taking a longer-term Twitter detox (as well as on general social media, too). Maybe, just maybe, one of these days, I might return and do something slightly more different on the service. But for now, it’s Feng Out for now on Twitter and much of social media.