Off to Changsha and Beyond…

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11:34 (UTC+08:00), 17 JAN 2018 | CHN ONBOARD TRAIN Z207

Even when I’m doing the documentary around all railway stations across China, I return home pretty much every night. However, tonight, the journey my end is accompanied by a fair bit of video gear, plus microphones (which I don’t use except for doing livecasts), and the sound of a train happily chugging away to Southern Central China. That’s right: I’m off to visit around 20 stations — and the journey will start off from Changsha, where I’ll also get to visit Changsha’s newest railway station, Changsha West. (Tracy is off to a culture programme, which is why for the next two weeks, we’ll be in different parts of the country.)

The trip my end will be semi-live in the form of tweets, the occasional Periscope livestreaming session, and a fair bit more. Here are just a few of the stations I’ll be calling at…

Hu’nan: Changsha, Changsha West, Kaifu Temple, Xianfeng, Changsha South, Huaihua South
Guizhou: Tongren South, Guiyang North, Guiyang
Yunnan: Qujing, Kunming South, Kunming, Yuxi, Shilin West
Guangxi: Bose/Baise, Namzningz/Nanning, Namzningzdunc/Nanning East, Guigang, Wuzhou South
Guangdong: Foshan, Guangzhou South, Shenzhen Futian

Five stations I’m very much looking forward in discovering, in particular, are Changsha West, Qujing, Yuxi, Foshan West, and Shenzhen Futian. Nanning East will also be a major stop, as I’ll have a Rail English event there as well.

Most of you with Next Station: China have complained about somewhat iffy sound quality. I’m all ears (literally). I’ve two wired microphones with me, and will probably be testing a livestreaming session at one major station enroute. I’m used to a handsfree experience, but if holding something in my hands makes you pick my sound up better, then that’s a trade-off well considering, too.

OK people: All onboard! Next stop, Yueyang, and after that, Changsha…