Secondary Communications Inspection to begin as of 15 June 2016

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01:00 (UTC±00:00 +DST), 25 SEP 2015 | GBR HARROW, GREATER LONDON

In the interests of security, all messages sent to David Feng directly, or to Tracking China and other applicable projects, are subject to an optional secondary inspection. This applies to all messages sent which was received on or after 00:00 UTC±0 on 15 June 2016.

When a message is undergoing secondary inspection, published waiting times will not apply as long as an inspection is underway. Law enforcement may be referred to while such a process is being conducted. Messages that are confirmed as criminal or of moral turpitude will not be given a response.

Secondary Communications Inspections will apply to all forms of communications, including email, instant messaging, replies to or on social media platforms, text messages, letters, courier packages, facsimile, web forms, and all other relevant methods of communications.

It is a goal that a message that is undergoing secondary inspection is cleared no later than 180 days following the day it first entered such inspection. However, in the interests of security, this time limit is not definitive or binding.

The originator of the message will be informed that their message is undergoing secondary inspection. In the interests of expedited processing, please only respond when such requests are explicitly asked for.

Thank you for your understanding.