David Feng to Chair and Speak at China and the Changing Geopolitics of Global Communication Conference on 09 April 2016

01:02 (UTC±00:00), 09 APR 2016 | GBR OXFORD

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Although I’ve made some not-so-invisible changes to my main commitments, moving out of “theory / research-only” academia and being involved only in projects that yield actual, tangible results for the benefit of the general public, I still will be involved in my part of academia which involve speeches and lessons. This is why I’ve decided to be an active part of the upcoming China and the Changing Geopolitics of Global Communication conference. This is a unique event: both universities co-organising this are those I have academic affiliations to. It’s also a good way to transition academically from London to Beijing.

Check out the full schedule for details, and be sure to book yourself in for the event if you’re interested.

I will be chairing Parallel Panel 2 (Cultures of communication) from 11:30 through to 13:00, and in the afternoon hour, I’ll have my 15 minute-presentation where I talk about Internet regulation in China, especially how China asserts what it styles “Internet sovereignty” (as a matter of fact, this year is probably the 20th year China has had a “regulated” Internet!). The topic can be quite controversial, and rather than choosing sides (never an easy thing to do — as we Swiss are supposed to be neutral, so goes the cliché), I’d like to come out with the facts as to why Beijing is doing what it’s doing on the Internet within Chinese borders.

If you’re academically minded, join me and others on 09 April 2016. See you then!