David Feng to Additionally Speak at 2nd Global China Dialogue in London on 23 November 2015


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I have just been informed that in addition to being a discussant on the Civilised dialogue – transcultural and comparative panel at the upcoming UK-China Culture Exchange – 2nd Global China Dialogue: Transculturality and New Global Governance conference, I will also be speaking at the next panel on Urbanisation and the Fabric of China’s Internet.

Most of you know that I’ve been deeply involved in this on two fronts: riding around the country by HSR (and seeing how cities have in essence sprung up from bang in the middle of nowhere — Wuqing is your classic case study) — and a focus on the Internet in China. I’ve also taken a good look at how the two likely match up, so this will be quite a novel presentation.

Urbanisation is the China story in progress, much like the China story is the story in the wider world. In my speech, expected to last 15 minutes, I’ll take you through a look at the urbanisation in progress, cities that you didn’t know were there (and that are many times the size of London, even!), and what this means for the composition of the Chinese Internet. Obviously, most of you will know that the Beijing Subway has been colonised by an army of smartphone-wielding commuters (much like it’s also the case here in London). But you’ll learn a little bit beyond that with my talk.

I am expected to speak in the timeslot between 15:45 and 16:30. Hopefully it will have been beyond your “bored hour” (mostly 14:00 or so, as I have been told before), so the chances are a little better you will be able to tune in!