David Feng to be Active at Beijing Foreign Languages Fair 2014

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17:12 (UTC+08:00), 12 MAY 2014 | CHN BEIJING

Beijing Foreign Languages Fair 2013

On Saturday, 17 May 2014, and again on Sunday, 18 May 2014, Beijing will hold its annual Foreign Languages Fair (World Languages Fair). I’ll play a very active role this time ’round.

Confirmed: I’ll be live on stage at 15:00 on Saturday, 17 May 2014, at the Beijing Foreign Languages Fair (World Languages Fair), to be held at Chaoyang Park in eastern urban Beijing. My 20-minuter will be introducing English you need for the wider world, based on my recent participation in the newly-released Handbook of Everyday English for the city of Beijing.

Readers, both old and new, of the book, as well as subscribers via the WeChat / AM774 web site channel, are welcome to join me onstage or offstage. I intend to make this an open forum so that people go away with lots of learning to make their next overseas trip smoother, or to make their next encounter with expats in China less difficult.

So to make this conversation two-way and to make the learning “stick”, there will be take-home handouts (expected to be plenty in number).

Update / confirmed: I will further be involved in the following events:—

  • 10:00, Sat 17 May 2014 | AM 774 Booth Interview @ AM 774 Stage
    David will be interviewed at the AM 774 (Radio Beijing, bilingual channel) stage about the new Handbook of English for Beijing Residents. Media: David will be available for media interviews throughout the morning beginning at 10:00. If you have questions about the recently-released Handbook, or anything in particular related to English in China, you may interview David directly; no pre-arrangements required.
  • 14:00, Sat 17 May 2014 | AM 774 English Meetup @ Main Stage
    David and Alison, who hosted you last year for all Wider World Waves shows, return with an English meetup and a complete look at Handbook of English for Beijing Residents, and why it’s big for you.
  • 10:00, Sun 18 May 2014 | English Talent Show @ AM 774 Stage
    David is happy to host you in the English Talent Show. Join David and local radio presenter Brian as they show you how “English-ready” the city of Beijing is becoming.

Please join me on the main stage (all events except 10:00 events) or the AM 774 / Radio Beijing stage (10:00 events only); this is closest to the south gate (South Gate 1) off Chaoyanggongyuan (Chaoyang Park) South Road. Your closest Subway stop is Line 10 at Hujialou; the closest bus stops are Tianshuiyuan Street North Crossing (甜水园街北口; Buses 31, 117, 214, 302, 350, 406, 419, 431, 499, 621, 635, 650, 672, 673 AC, and 675, amongst others) for eastbound buses, or Chaoyang Park Bridge West (朝阳公园桥西; Buses 214, 302, 350, 406, 431, 499, 502, 650, 672, 673 AC, 675 , 686, 729 AC, 731 Reg, and 731 AC, amongst others) for westbound buses. (Buses marked AC are designed “air conditioner” routes; those marked Reg are regional services.)

I’ll see you there!