Getting Involved with the Beijing Foreign Languages Festival

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21:49 (UTC±00:00 +DST), 20 OCT 2013 | CHN BEIJING

DF Media Beijing Language Fair 2013 Live

Things haven’t quite been much the same my end after my 2011 Chinese-language book on Chinglish was born. In the first few months, reaction was somewhat muted — but I had intended for it to have a slow, progressive start instead of a huge media release event. This was my first “real” book, so I’d rather not have messed it up in the beginning.

In 2012, language experts took note and recommended me to people at city radio to do programmes on the very topic. These programmes got off to a start in 2013 and I was on radio nearly every Wednesday.

My active involvement meant that I was invited to take place at the city’s Foreign Languages Festival, which I myself also think of as a World Languages Fair. I had a few minutes on the main stage, followed by a one-hour show that I pulled off live, on air, with everyone tuning in — both via the air waves and folks live at the event, including visitors from Beijing Rail.

For a few hours, I joined the crowd, and it was quite an enjoyable experience.