David Feng Will Join the Communication University of China as Lecturer Effective September 2012

17:00 (UTC+08:00), 09 AUG 2012 | CHN BEIJING

CUC 800

I, David Feng, would like to announce that I have gratefully accepted a teaching job offer from the Communication University of China as foreign education expert (teacher). Lessons will begin September 2012 and I will be teaching mainly undergraduates and MA candidates, as well as other students, English, Western culture, and media, in particular new media. My academic rank is expected to be that of Lecturer (equivalent to Assistant Professor in the United States of America). The language of instruction shall be English.

I am indebted to this University for the chance, its gracefulness and the opportunity to teach and inspire the young minds of tomorrow. I will selflessly educate and inspire young aspiring media talent with the aggregate of my experience and professional knowledge. I shall teach all that is fit to be taught, within the Constitution of China and the principles it may enshrine.

To complete visa and employment procedures, I shall return to Europe in the latter half of August 2012, and visit Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. I shall return to Beijing at the end of the month.

Whilst not compromising my educational and academic commitments and a firm, non-negotiable commitment to education free from political, religious or commercial interference, in the spirit of a true, neutral, objective academic, I shall continue with my other partial involvements, including media programme involvements and travel plans. I shall always replenish my academic knowledge and at all times, shall be a committed learner for life. Eventual further research based upon my Doctor of Arts dissertation shall continue. I shall fulfil my educational, academic, and social responsibilities.

No effort will be spared in serving students and society at large. I shall have no goals other than to ensure that the true winners from my educational and academic commitments shall be the students, and that the winners from all my commitments shall be society at large.