Speaking at the Chinese High Speed Railway Travel Cooperation Conference

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23:39 (UTC+08:00), 19 MAR 2012 | CHN BEIJING

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Just yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak not once, but twice at the Chinese High Speed Railway Travel Cooperation Conference, which was held at the Beijing Railways Tower, not far from the Beijing West Railway Station.

In the first event, I was part of a panel on the topic of high-speed rail in Taiwan. I actually visited the island and took five trips on the Taiwanese HSR system, which back then was operating slower than the system on mainland China. I commented on how the system in Taiwan connects with the city metro systems in each major urban area, such as Taipei and Kaohsiung, even if the stations were somewhat further away from the heart of the cities.

For the second event, I had my own ten minutes onstage, where I introduced audiences to how railways were run in China, compared them to the situations in Europe (especially Switzerland), and floated ideas for how to make Chinese railways more international. I also had my wishes for Chinese HSR, which included building them better, faster, and improving service.

I originally had 15 minutes on my own, but a rail fan seemed to go too long onstage with his talk, which meant the event coordinator made me aware he was eating into my time. I was able to control it to 10 or less minutes, and it was a good way to end the entire conference.