My Green Excuses for the Trains

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09:10 (UTC+08:00), 08 DEC 2011 | CHN BEIJING

The one thing I liked about Paris back when I visited it in around 1996 or so was the Metro. This thing was fantastically easy to use, despite a heck of a Châtelet-les-Halles interchange.

I didn’t really get my feet wet on an accelerator pedal in Switzerland despite getting my licence there — because the trains and the trams worked so much better. Especially in First Class, with less riders, you could finally have your piece / peace of mind (don’t know which one to use), and on better trains, get power and start typing away.

It kind of hit me, then, about my obsession on the rails… I think it is more a Green thing than a geek thing. I’ve clocked in nearly 50,000 km on the rails since 2008 and I don’t think this is going to stop any time soon. At the same time, I’ve been Green too in the sense that I’ve been using recycled paper in Switzerland — to the extent that I’m a little shocked that they’re not available here in China. I go Green in other ways as well: when I take a tad more than a handful of napkins at the Starbucks, they go back home so that they end up on the dining table, used at mealtimes. I’ve had good dinners using napkins I myself used a previous time (or just touched upon a tiny bit — I’m being deliberately lazy here, actually), and because it’s been me all along, I’ve had no problems.

Having said all that, I’m onto Greener things — so if you see me doing more Green commitments for 2012 and beyond, you’ll know it’s just me. Oh — and I hope I’m not the only one Green-ing around here. You can start too by being a Subway freak instead of hogging it out on the roads…

With PM 2.5 levels this scary in Beijing already, it’s time we started going Green anyway…