The Whole Thing About Travelling Early

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11:59 (UTC+08:00), 06 JAN 2011 | CHN BEIJING

I did it once at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport: we had an early flight at 06:00 in the morning. I did it again for a Beijing-Hong Kong flight, when I had to be up before 06:00 and had to be onboard for an 08:00 plane. I did it yet again for Train D53 from Beijing South to Qingdao on my first trip to that city by train.

There is something to be said about travelling early. Especially if you do this during the winter months, you feel like you’re getting some mileage already just as the sun goes up. Nightfall seems so far away, so you can easily get away with a long trip and still end up at Point B (away from Point A) halfway through the day.

There’s a compromise you have to make in order to pull this off: You have to get into bed early the day before (especially if you’re driving halfway cross the country and are leaving early). To some, that means no late night karaoke all-nighters or extended bar visits. But if you’re no night animal, that’s also no big issue for you. (I actually get in bed as early as I can, despite my seemingly-incontrollable tweeting…)

And smile when you’re on the road early: your body actually loves you more (and gives you a longer life, it’s said) when you take early breaks. A guy that takes the night off at 22:00 lives longer, it’s said, that a “night cat” (as we say in China) who’s not asleep before 03:00. At the very end of the game, you don’t want the “School Night” badge on foursquare. It’s that easy!