100 Times by Train

Posted by on Dec 8, 2010 in Beijing, China, Tianjin, Trains, Travel | No Comments

14:30 (UTC+08:00), 08 DEC 2010 | CHN TIANJIN

Right now I’m in Tianjin, and the train that leaves at 15:10 will whisk me back to the Jing. That’ll bring my train mileage up to 13,168.33 km, but most importantly, that would have been the 100th time I would have travelled by train this year alone.

Must be amazing. I have to say: it’s not like this hasn’t happened before… that was ten years ago in Switzerland. But for this year alone, these are some amazing figures.

That brings me to what I’m going to launch the moment I get there. Thanks to this whole “automated arrangement”, a brand-new site will launch the moment my HSR touches down at Beijing South. It will be a new blog about travel, of course, but it’ll be more than just about express train travel.

More to come once I’m back in Beijing. Of course…