Giving A Return Talk at the Communication University of China on Swiss TV News Shows

22:10 (UTC+08:00), 20 MAY 2010 | CHN BEIJING

2010 05 19 800

For my MA in presenting and linguistics at the Communication University of China, my thesis was on first comparisons between main news shows in China and those in other countries. About three years passed since I got my MA, so I thought it would be a good time to do a return visit to my professor’s class and to give them up an update on how things were doing in recent years — and I did one yesterday.

I had all of my video clips as presented in my original thesis ready, and quite a few of these were rather more updated. Obviously, due to the fact that my thesis compared Chinese news with those from a host of other countries — including Switzerland, but also Germany, and even North Korea, this from the outset was going to be something completely different. The highlight, interestingly, was from North Korean TV, where the propaganda announcer read the news in a hysterical voice which sounded like totally unlike any other news channel I focused on. Some found it funny; others were just staring trying to figure out what was being said.

This wasn’t the first time I did a “return presentation”: I did the same in 2009, two years after graduating from my MA courses. To me, these courses still have a very special place in my heart. Successfully hosting an event in December 2003 changed my life for me, after finding out that I wasn’t really suited to stay in finance much longer. After getting my Bachelor’s Degree in economics, I switched right over to CUC and to broadcasting lessons in Chinese and English. This was the sole course I chose solely according to my own wishes, so it remains something quite special.

The professor that guided my studies for my MA course, Lu Jing, then came onstage with a quick update on how things have changed in Chinese TV, as well as how previous editions of China’s 19:00 news show were.