On Air 20:00 Nov 29, 2008: Weird Eatables & Co

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17:00 (UTC+08:00), 29 NOV 2008 | CHN BEIJING

I hope this edition of Travel Bar — What A World, which was co-hosted once again with Juanzi, doesn’t land us in editorial trouble (or end you up in the loo after you’ve “savored” our odd collection of eatables). We’ve come out with some of the craziest snacks, food, and “eateries” all around on the surface of our planet.

I surfed around the Web on these three cheat sheets and immediately self-censored the following as food we would not, come hell or high water, feature on the program:

  • Monkey Toes (doesn’t sound good over the mic)
  • Squirrel Brain (I love squirrels; do nothin’ to ‘em!)
  • Calf’s Head (un-Swiss)
  • Pork Brains (sick-o!)
  • Sheep Head (disrespectful to one’s parents; my mom is a sheep in the Chinese zodiac)
  • Cat (you have cat for dinner? Sick!)
  • Bull Penis (expletive censored)
  • Spam (nope, I don’t want to lose my Internet account)
  • Dog (see remark for Cat)

OK, so now that we’ve told you what you won’t hear… it’s time to get ready for your arrival in the land of Square Watermelons, Wasabi Choc Blocks, and more.

The show’s on 20:00 on Saturday, November 29, 2008. Join us online at netfm.com.cn or via the airwaves at AM 774 (if you’re in Beijing). We’re looking forward! (Sadly, we’re no longer doing live shows… we’d have loved to hear that crazy commentary from listeners who had never heard of, say, the Godzilla’s Egg Watermelon…)

(PS: Just got word that Travel Bar seems to have clinched Pole Position in terms of Netizen listeners — not sure what would happen to our rankings, though, after this food bonanza…)