David’s Thursday Evening Beijing Radio Blog Up

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21:51 (UTC+08:00), 18 JAN 2008 | CHN BEIJING

Another blog to call mine for the moment.

I’ve started a bilingual (English and Chinese) blog at Radio Beijing, where I’ll throw in a few pics about topics I’ll talk about. And I’ll update it when the spirit moves me (in other words, as soon as humanly possible).

Technically speaking, the site’s in China, so for those of you outside the mainland access to the site can get a tad on the slow side. (Ask the techies for the 101 on why this is the case.) However, I’ll still be able to feed this whole thing via my Twitterfeed — just subscribe to David Feng on Twitter (twitter.com/DavidFeng), and you should be able to get all updates.

By the way, I do the shows every Thursday in a mix of English and Chinese on Radio 774 AM. The show’s on LIVE every Thursday evening from 8 PM to 9 PM. You’re more than welcome to tune in!

I’ll post a few stories about how I do the show. By the way, I said this was LIVE — as in make a mistake, and everyone gets to hear it! I actually did make up messup; this tweet is living evidence…

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