Live in Two Languages: January 3, 2008

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22:20 (UTC+08:00), 06 JAN 2008 | CHN BEIJING

January 3, 2008. A live travel show on the air. Hey, it couldn’t get any better — what a way to kick off the new year!

It was brilliant… I finally got the “kind of semi-job” or “add-this-to-my-other-gigs job” I was looking for: being a regular guest on a travel program on Radio Beijing. The host: Jane (or Juanzi) Chen, one of the very people I used to work with during my Radio Beijing internship. I corrected scripts and did voiceovers back in summer 2006 (did you catch me over the airwaves then?).

The task: share your thoughts on a few “odd stories about highways”, then introduce yourself. Fill up the airwaves for a full hour.

I got in the studio right after 19:20 — that New York, New York from Frank Sinatra got me all started and in the mood. Next up: the studio. I got into Radio Beijing’s extremely glitzy live broadcast studio — massive, spacious, and words-like-that. Good thing something was already playing — some kind of The Lion King rerun.

Jane gave me the scripts — we knew exactly what we wanted to say. If there were any doubts, I sorted them out right before 20:00 — a second later, and we’d be on air.

A 5-second tweet just after 20:00. We were on!

Jane started the whole show off in Chinese first. I kind of tuned in afterwards. Not the most perfect Chinese (I know plenty of folks with Grade A-1 Chinese who could cost Granny Xing of CCTV’s Network News Broadcast her job), a bit on the Taipei-ish side, but nevertheless, that kind of got me into the whole thing. I now mix the Beijing and Taipei accents because those two are what I use every day when talking in Chinese.

We went through three stories (or nearly three stories) for the first 30 minutes. The first one was about a highway in Japan that you had to cruise through at 45 km/h to let the highway play music for you. Not sure if it’s the same old Mozart that Beijing Subway Line 5 is famous for, but musical nonetheless. The second one was about a massive thermometer in a “gas station” village, and the last one was about a highway over ice.

The next half hour was filled with my stories about the oddest places I’ve been to, as well as a bit of travel-related talk. I mixed in a bit of Chinese with what must be about 70% English. Jane kind of knew this; the moment she wanted to speak to me, bang, she switched into English mode. I kind of followed on that, and then went a bit Chinese afterwards.

Were we nervous? Yes, by all means — this was her 3rd livecast (my 2nd one; I started the 1st one in July 2006, when I made a secret online audio debut — and sorry, the files just disappeared into the ether since then); I was a bit more nervous wondering if I had too much for dinner. The secret now: eat your veggies, meat and rice two and a half hours before going on air. The reason: when I did December 5, 2003 (as in co-hosting the show), I ate stuff about three hours before the whole thing. I was wondering if my worst fears of a “stomach kernel panic” (so to speak) would be transmitted on-air. (Sadly I don’t have the best bellies on the planet.)

Turns out this wasn’t the case, although I still felt a bit lethargic…

But hey, at the end of the day, it was a good debut. I’ve been granted more airtime beginning next Thursday; your cue to tune in comes every Thursday evening at 20:00 on Radio Beijing AM 774. See you then!

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