David’s Thursday Evening Beijing Radio Blog Up

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Another blog to call mine for the moment.

I’ve started a bilingual (English and Chinese) blog at Radio Beijing, where I’ll throw in a few pics about topics I’ll talk about. And I’ll update it when the spirit moves me (in other words, as soon as humanly possible).

Technically speaking, the site’s in China, so for those of you outside the mainland access to the site can get a tad on the slow side. (Ask the techies for the 101 on why this is the case.) However, I’ll still be able to feed this whole thing via my Twitterfeed — just subscribe to David Feng on Twitter (twitter.com/DavidFeng), and you should be able to get all updates.

Please note that the link as mentioned in this article was not included as content was unobtainable or has expired.

Live in Two Languages: January 3, 2008

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January 3, 2008. A live travel show on the air. Hey, it couldn’t get any better — what a way to kick off the new year!

It was brilliant… I finally got the “kind of semi-job” or “add-this-to-my-other-gigs job” I was looking for: being a regular guest on a travel program on Radio Beijing. The host: Jane (or Juanzi) Chen, one of the very people I used to work with during my Radio Beijing internship. I corrected scripts and did voiceovers back in summer 2006 (did you catch me over the airwaves then?).

The task: share your thoughts on a few “odd stories about highways”, then introduce yourself. Fill up the airwaves for a full hour.

This is 2008

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The year 2007 was characterized by a continuous stream of efforts and achievements on all front in terms of my three careers — those involving the Apple Macintosh, media, and innovative new projects. The year 2008 is set to be a banner year — in essence the best year ever.

Looking ahead, the Beijing Macintosh Union will grow to be a unique Macintosh union, not just in Beijing, but beyond any frontiers, city or national. We will grow the membership, grow the resources, and grow the BeiMac platform and BeiMac world. We will keep on being solid, firm supporters of “everyone’s favorite fruit company”, Apple.

The media world will see some of the most exciting moments of the year 2008. After my three months at blognation China, I’ve picked up a sizeable audience and will continue to be an active blogger in the Chinese tech world. I’ve launched techblog86, which will focus on the Greater China tech, mobile and startup worlds, and the “Mind the Gap Saturdays” will now migrate to techblog86, a new Chinese tech blog. I will also be active in radio, being a frequent guest in both English and Chinese on Radio Beijing, and also continue to remain active and continue to have an active attitude in media involvements regarding TV, Internet and public media, including public speaking and public events presentations.

The Beijingology Network will continue to grow. In January 2008, we will have over 2,000 articles, and we will continue to grow in terms of quality, not just quantity. The Beijingology partnership with City Weekend will deepen in the year 2008, because I personally feel like sharing good things with other people. Throughout all of the year 2008, I will continue to remain busy, but I will also be productive all 366 days of the year.