You Know You’re Swiss When…

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12:55 (UTC+08:00), 04 NOV 2007 | CHN BEIJING

Take this from a Swiss expat in Beijing (with Chinese blood keeping up the internal battery no less). You know you’re Swiss, when…

1. You refuse to email, phone or text message anyone except for your friends and family on Sundays.

2. Your car is nearly as clean as it was about 14 months ago, when you bought it.

3. You get upset if there is a tiny dent in your car.

4. You arrive at a meeting at 9:23 (after scheduling it for 9:30), and — knowing being too early is not a good idea — phone at 9:28 (dialing up the number immediately after your clock turns 9:28).

5. You freeze when the doors start closing on the train, because you’re not supposed to board it.

6. You set the SBB CFF FFS train jingles as your SMS / email / timer alert on your phone (because you like it so much).

7. You spend $500 on two fonts because you think they’re the best you’ve ever see.

8. Meetings in groups you preside over are always at least bilingual.

9. You take great pride and pleasure in responding to emails in German, French and Italian.

10. You have a timer counting down to the start of meetings, and start on the second even when someone’s just registering at the front desk.

11. You prefer to remain silent and not be noticed at all.

12. You treat strangers with a healthy dose of suspicion.

13. You ring up the police when people have been ringing you up and not answering your calls.

14. You require that the declaration of pre-marital property be completed before you marry.

15. You read the Law and enjoy it.

16. You always ask, “Is this space free?” when you’re joining someone else.

17. You are proud of a personal tradition and have no intents on changing it.

That’ll do for the first seventeen… will post more when I’ve got the time!