Gimme More Legroom!

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08:45 (UTC±01:00 +DST), 01 SEP 2007 | CHE BOTTIGHOFEN, THURGAU

I’m onboard… without wireless Internet, of course, so I’m posting this later. Air China, as usual, took off late. This is just as predictable with them as the massive jams on the Jingzhang Freeway, the Western 2nd Ring Road, road blockades due to the president passing by an express passage, the colossal jams by National Highway 109 at Qinyukou, the huge jams on Tonghuihe North Road by Jianguomen Bridge, the tunnel under the Beijing West Railway Station being chronically jammed, and that mess that is Xizhimen Bridge.


I felt totally cramped onboard — and yet, amazingly, was able to get a half hour of sleep. I also thought about Beijingology enroute. It looks like it’ll have to be built together — it’d be mine to administer over, but the content will belong to everyone for sharing (hopefully something else as well).

I don’t have a Web connection now, but I’m still doing a few articles on exits and bridges on the Jingcheng Expressway… we’ve a thousand articles already, so there’s no way this can be stopped!

The food on Air China was pretty good — anything other than a “last meal”! We had rice, and then zhajiangmian — real Beijing noodles from Air China! In 1995, Air China even got Peking Duck onboard — but I was on a diet then, so I wasn’t able to enjoy the full duck…

My legs still hurt from two German passengers in front of me, who have no idea of the pain I’m going through. Thankfully, I’ve got more than enough battery juice, with two computers and four iPods. Like Jon whom I met in the TEFL courses, I’m much the same in terms of the tunes: No music, no life!

BTW 1: I love Air China’s movie about warfare in the Qin dynasty.

BTW 2: Two more pics as I leave Beijing… the people, and the new Terminal 3 being built.