Graduation from Media University

21:03 (UTC+08:00), 30 JUN 2007 | CHN BEIJING

Just graduated from the China Media University… Master of Arts. Wow. These are a few of the greatest shots from my graduation at the China Media University (Communication University of China). I got a Master’s Degree in Arts – and a doctorate is on the drawing board!

Macs, media, and new projects, as well as an eventual doctorate in law… that’s next for me! I’m going to keep the Mac user group afloat, while hoping to get into the media biz, and at the same time, do other “innovative projects”.

MA Graduation 02

The event started way too early for me… the whole thing started at 7 AM! I had to get up at around 5:42 AM… it was insane!

MA Graduation 01

Me holding the signage for the Anchoring School in the Media University. This was the very school I wanted to get in back in December 2003! In fact, I was the only guy in line for the Anchoring School!

MA Graduation 03

The whole Anchoring School graduates. The teacher in white, I’m guessing, is Zhang Song, who enjoys significant fame in the Chinese media world. In photos, I was the tallest guy!