Graduation Speech, 2000

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So, I approached the situation by making use of one of the skills students are really able to perfect over the course of the IB: I procrastinated.

That quote, of course, is from my friend Jeanette at high school — at her graduation ceremonoy. The opposite applies to yours truly. I was thinking about what I’d be saying when I finished my high school. I finally got a chance to do my graduation speech (at the Riverside School in Zug) on June 10, 2000.

It was actually a pretty easy affair. Everyone had their own bits of paper on the lectern, and the rule was that you “felt” yours and read your line.

One of my best friends, Manuel, in essence skated into the auditorium as I was about to go on stage — the guy came at the right moment. I had a line where I read some quote off Franz Kafka and the cockroaches. People were laughing…

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