16 April 2004 Hosting of Smart Garments Fashion Show (Beijing, China)

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23:39(UTC+08:00), 16 APR 2004 | CHN BEIJING

The following is a best-effort subsequent recount “as it happened” of the event as hosted and emceed by David Feng.

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For the Smart Garments fashion show event (with Smart Garments being the name of a popular clothes company in China), we went to a huge gym hall in the university which was converted into a makeshift catwalk. I had no idea that we were expecting an audience in the thousands. In fact, I had never hosted a fashion show before!

At 19:00, we were ready. The four of us went onstage — I was joined by radio station co-hosts Joyce and White, as well as another presenter. As you can see in the picture, my outfit, sponsored by Smart Garments, didn’t work out too great as I was 1.91 m tall!

Speaking in front of over 1,000 people, though, was electrifying. All eyes were focused on us — two presenters speaking in Chinese, and two (me included!) in English. Later that night, I would completely wow the audience — when I tried speaking Chinese onstage, applause came suddenly and unexpectedly, as if they wondered if this Chinese-looking presenter (me!) actually spoke the national language in China!

I had only a few minutes onstage most of the time — but working off-stage also got me busy. We had to make sure that our scripts were right, and that we had the right people on at the right time. As you could see from the picture, we trusted good old “old technology” — pen and paper!

I had always looked at fashion shows “funny”. At the age of 14, I was “introduced” to them on TV because that was all that you could really see from Style with Elsa Klensch on CNN International. I did have my 7th grade teacher host one when I was still in Switzerland, but it must have been something about this jokes that made it look very funny. But today, I’d be onstage doing the hosting.

This was an event that I thought I could never pull off “just like that”. But when you host 600 people (late last winter) and are on university radio, I guess you just take what they give you! Anyway, I had great fun entertaining the audience. The President of the Student Council in the English Department, who organised it, loved it as well. I am told I have also been recorded on Chinese television! It will be interesting to see myself onscreen.

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